I mentioned previously that we have a lot of blank wall space in our home at the moment. One room particularly suffering from this blandness was the play area adjacent to the kitchen. I haven’t done any decorating in this room yet and my big plans will have to wait for the future. However, I wanted to make it a bit more friendly and inviting for the present.

I originally wanted the wall papered but let’s be honest: crafts, crayons, glue…don’t exactly jive with wallpaper. Instead I started looking into wall decals. There are several sites on etsy, like Cuma, that sell gorgeous, elaborate, and very expensive decals which I don’t want to spend money on at the moment. While I was shopping for lights at Lowes, my daughter pulled me over to look at the “big stickers”. While I wasn’t too keen on the large, bright pink hearts she gravitated towards, these neutral grey blossoms caught my eye. This room is in the main part of the house and I didn’t want anything too juvenile on the walls. These blossoms hit the mark.

kids playroom/craft area
kids playroom/craft area

This room still needs a lot of work but this lovely decal fills up some of the blank space and gives the room the inexpensive bit of pretty I was looking for.

Some tips on hanging wall decals:

– Do it when your kids are asleep or they will want to “help”

– Read the directions before starting to stick (it really would have helped with the cat hair situation to clean the wall first)

– Pop out the parts of the decals without taking off the backing and lay them out on the floor to figure out just how you would like the parts placed and then proceed to peel the backing off and stick them on the wall (I did a lot of tedious sticking and unsticking to get it just so)

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