We must be accepting of expansion, progress, growth, right? We do live in a bustling metropolis after all. I’m sure my own townhome development did away with a similar such beauty. But it is so sad to watch it happen.

Before: Our beautiful little forest of cotton wood trees.
Before: Our beautiful little forest of cotton wood trees.
After: To be replaced by town homes.
After: To be replaced by townhomes.

We bought this townhouse knowing this would happen, soon even, but I can’t help that my heart fell in love with the simple beauty of this small forest of cotton-wood trees. Our deck was surrounded by this lovely greenery and we enjoyed watching the trees go from wintry brown to lush summer green in our four months living here. I didn’t expect that they would do away with it so soon. My heart echoed my daughter’s cry of “no digger, no!” as it knocked over our lovely greenery.

In my present state of mind I took the change particularly hard. I don’t know anymore if these periods of depression are due to my mental health issues, breast-feeding hormones, or simply being a mother of two young children, but whatever the cause I have been feeling very stressed, anxious, and shaky lately. We all go through “desert” times in our lives and the desolate looking land left behind by the digger mirrors my soul at the moment. Seeing it makes be feel naked, lain bare. I preferred the protective encasement of my little trees. It was comforting.

This mama needs some prayer, some wine, and a child-free trip to the fabric store.

Goodbye little trees. And goodbye to the frogs and crickets who made their home among them and sang us to sleep each night. You will be missed.

2 thoughts on “For the sake of progress: Ode to the cotton trees

  1. When I was about 15 our neighbours cut down two huge old spruce trees in the field next to our house. It had always felt like an extension of our garden because there was no fence, and my brother and I would spend hours climbing around in them.
    I was devastated when it happened. In fact it still makes me a little tight chested. Those trees were at least 100 years old.
    Point is. I totally understand where you’re coming from. And the beauty of owning a house means that you can plant your own stand of trees. Right?

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