Camping is an essential part of the BC day long weekend for my husband’s family, and hence, for our little family unit. We never fail to have a good time, though camping with children has its many challenges and offers little rest for the weary.

While packing for our weekend away I couldn’t help but thinking of Harry Potter and coveting the tent he stayed in at the Quidditch World Cup. I mean the decor is a bit Bohemian for my taste but it beats a blow up mat on the floor.

Not to shabby for a niche in the woods
Not too shabby for a niche in the woods

Not to mention the other benefits that living in a magical world would offer to the camping experience. Those annoying neighbors with the blasting music: MUFFLIATO! The RVs running their generators: MUFFLIATO! That toddler screaming at the top of her lungs: MUFFLIATO! (oh wait, she’s mine, must attend). Really “muffliato” is the only spell you need…though a good sleeping spell would be useful for the children.

Now I have a confession to make. My camping experience was a bit unique this year. You see, the baby and I spent the nights in the hotel. I wonder if Harry’s tent had a soaker tub?

Happy BC Day!

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