Previously I did a post on the bedroom I decorated for my toddler in our old condo:

Sofia's old room
Sofia’s old room

At the time of decorating I did not know that we had number two on the way so our plans were to stay in our current home for a couple years more. However, plans change, and we moved in April to a three bedroom townhouse. Because I had so recently decorated my daughter’s room I wanted to transfer over the design elements.

I must admit that whilst taking pictures of the room I was working around this:

Sofia and Charlie playing amongst their mess
Sofia and Charlie playing amongst their mess

However, I managed to capture some shots of elements that I added in order to successfully transplant this design from Sofia’s old room to her new room.

My mother-in-law graciously made the new roman shades for Sofia’s room as I had my hands full with a two-month-old. I felt like the room was missing some softness so I picked up some curtains from Lowes that draw out the soft mauve colour from the shades. In addition I bought this curvy little side table from Home Outfitters.

please excuse the partially askew floor tiles.
please excuse the partially askew floor tiles.

I’m not a big fan of the Ikea expedit bookcases but they are great for kid’s stuff. To add some pretty I made a runner out of the same fabric that the shades are made from to place on top of the bookcase.

Sofia's special reading corner
Sofia’s special reading corner

In Sofia’s new room there was an actual light fixture on the ceiling so I picked up this vintage iron light fixture from a store on antique alley in New Westminster. My husband re-wired it and I sprayed it a blue-green to go with the shade fabric. I love the shadow it casts on the ceiling.


The last piece of the puzzle was to make the floor tiles we bought work on carpet. Having that pop of colour on the floor is a big part of the design because so much of the room is neutral. The customer service people at flor were unfortunately quite unhelpful and simply told me that the floor tiles aren’t meant to be put on carpet. Thank goodness for my clever husband who suggested buying carpet mats used for desk chairs to provide a firm surface underneath the tiles (we need to buy one more, you can see in the picture of the curtains that the tiles are coming apart where we ran out of floor mat, whoops).

I’m happy with the results and look forward to re-working the room again when Sofia is ready for her big girl bed.

You can go to my previous post, First Attempts, to see a budget breakdown and resource list for this bedroom.

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