I have some faults (surprise!), one of which is my weakness for interior design magazines. Being a stay at home mom with no incoming income to speak of, I feel the need to justify this expenditure to the good man who brings home the paycheck each week.

1. They’re like textbooks. The more I study, the better I’ll do in my courses, right?

2. Momma deserves a relaxing read in a bubble bath at the end of the day.

3. My daughter likes to “read” them too, it’s good educational material. Some parents want their kids to grow up to be doctors…me…well you can guess.

4. The advertisements are geared towards housewives so there are lots of animals and SUVs to cut out and glue during craft time. Not to mention all the flowers in Spring and Summer issues.

5. By spending money on magazines I’m saving money on decor purchases. Those high-low pages are useful you know!

6. They’re like self-help books. I read them and my worries fade to be replaced by beautiful ideas.

7. It’s a bonding activity. My husband likes to guess the high-low rooms in the Style at Home magazine too.

8. I


10. THEM

Ten sound reasons I say. My favorite guilty pleasures: Style at Home, House Beautiful, and HGTV magazine.

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