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I feel about supporting etsy shop owners the way some feel about supporting local community artists, that it is vital to the integrity of the community. For a short time, whilst selling headboards on etsy, I became a part of this online community and I still like to support it in whatever way I can. At this moment, that means showing you what awesome art you can buy on etsy for under $200!

Art is a very personal thing so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on the merits of the pieces I have chosen. That being said, I chose all these pieces because they struck me in some way and are all on sale for reasonable prices.

I love mixed media art. I could see this print in a powder room, kid’s room, or eat-in kitchen. Art (and wallpaper) with birds on it seems so whimsical to me. It makes me smile.

The print below is meant for a nursery but I think it could look great anywhere. You can get the print in different colours to suit your decor.

This photograph is stunning. I thought it was a painting originally.

This print is by Vancouver’s very own Rosa Pearson. See how she displayed it in her own home at These prints aren’t just for the nursery.

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

I love the simplicity of these beach prints.

I just think this is plain cute and would be awesome in a nursery.

I don’t have an especially strong affection for horses but this photograph struck a chord with me. The beauty of it actually brought tears to my eyes. Does that mean I should buy it?

$31 by Kellya

$31 by Kellya

I will probably never own a piece of abstract art due to my husband’s dislike of it but I do find it very attractive.

$65 at Duelaberi

$65 at Duealberi

I want this! I love the texture of the weathered wood. You can get these custom made with pieces of wood painted colours which suit your decor.

Another gorgeous abstract piece. I love the way the lines of this painting guide your eyes. I find it very peaceful to look at.

Well there you have it. 10 pieces of art to love and I didn’t even reach $200. I’ve been bemoaning all my empty wall space but after finding all this eye candy on etsy I’m starting to wish I had more!


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  1. I like the beach prints and the “weathered wood”

  2. Ah! Thanks so much for mentioning my print Heather!!! I also love that b&w horse print. Gorgeous!

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