I’m currently taking a night class on window coverings. To be honest, I signed up to take the class this semester because it is a requirement for my diploma and I wanted to get it over with. For me it was one of those, “do I have to?” classes. However, I’m amazed at how much there is to learn and how, and as in every interior decorating class I take, my preconceptions are challenged.

My first class the dreaded “vertical blinds” were mentioned. I only expected to hear above these in association with the words, “don’t do it!”. I certainly have never seen them in a decorating magazine; though come to think of it, you don’t see a lot of pleated shades and I think they’re pretty great.

I admit that putting window coverings on sliding doors is a challenge but vertical blinds? Can they really look good? My instructor, a very sage decorator, insists they can.

As part of my homework this week I had to find pictures of different “hard” window coverings, and I was determined to give vertical blinds a fair chance during my search.

Are you skeptical like me? Maybe the following pictures will change your mind.

(For the sake of comparison, this first picture is an example of an ugly metal vertical blind.)


And onto the surprisingly pretty…






vertical blinds modern

Are you convinced? I’ve got to admit, deep down I still cringe at the idea of having them in my own home. However, what my search has shown me is that vertical blinds can be used in a stylish way in a variety of settings, and sometimes they are simply the most practical option. When one must, it doesn’t have to be a bust! (oh dear, I spend way too much time reading children’s books.)

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