What Sofia Says…

I needed a laugh this morning as so I began collecting in my mind and on paper things that my daughter has said that crack me up. Perhaps you need a laugh today as well.

What Sofia says…

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On my reaction to bashing our car into the side of the garage: “What’s a shit mommy?”

On her less than favourite new pants: “No! Those pants have wedgies in them!”

After being given a treat: “I NEED more candy mommy!”

Approaching the communion table at church, loudly: “Beer!”

To the rector after taking communion wine: “I need more beer.”

On our “broken” internet: ” Daddy fix it with tape.”

When daddy came home with a new hair cut: “Your hair is all gone daddy. You’re handsome”.

While learning about reflections: “Look, it’s the moon’s erection!”. Looking into the mirror, “there’s Sofia’s erection, there’s mommy’s erection, there’s Charlie’s erection, there’s lambi’s erection” (clearly we need to work on the pronunciation)

Alerting us to the fact that she is awake from nap: “Roar!!!! I’m a tiger!”

Upon being asked what she is telling a story about: “I talking about Jesus. Swish, swish, clank. Calliou. Swish, swish, clank. Our Father who art in Heaven”.

After accidentally being dropped, on her head, from her Auntie’s lap: “I went kerplop!”, with a giant grin on her face.

On my slightly less than shaved armpits: “Mommy, you have fur in your arm pitties”.

About taking transit: “Mommy, I love going on adventures with you” (okay, that one is just heartwarming)

Here’s to you Sofia!

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  1. Laura

    So funny! Oh Sofia – I can picture her saying some of that. Thanks for sharing! I definitely laughed out loud 🙂

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