From Ugly Duckling to Charitable Chair

Time is up and all the chairs for charity have been delivered to the Passionate Home and await the bidding action to come next week. I write again on this topic to share with you the gorgeous picture photographer Steve Hayek took of my donation to chairs for charity.

The before picture

The before picture: Its fuzzy, but you get the picture. She’s got good bones but bad clothes!

This chair, which I bought for $15 of Craigslist, was a site to see with its chipped wood and pink velvet upholstery. It took a great deal of sanding, some wood filler, some more sanding, and four cans of ivory spray paint but I was able to give the chipped frame a classy new look.

The next step was ripping off that awful velvet and after a fantastic go around town looking for the perfect fabric, I decided on a rather unusual, two-toned, tweed-like violet fabric for the front, and a classic paisley for the back and piping. The Quality Sofa Makers, located on Fraser Street in Vancouver, donated their time and skill to re-upholstering the chair for me. I decided the front of the chair needed a bit more of the paisley to lighten things up so I sewed up a little throw pillow for the chair.

And voila!

Isn't she a beauty now! I'm a proud mama!

Isn’t she a beauty now! I’m a proud mama!

Visit the Passionate Home’s blog for a look at the gallery of other finished chairs and for more information on the bidding process starting next week.


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  1. I have this same chair….it was my great Aunts and she reupholstered it in a bright pink and orange floral. I can’t wait to give my chair a makeover! This has inspired me!!!! Thanks!!!

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