Due to recent business endeavors (if you can call it a business at this early stage), certain aspects of my life have been falling to the wayside, blogging being one of them.

I have a pet project that I have been working on the last couple of weeks. I feel shy to share it with you at this early stage but here I go. I have recently been working to reinvent my Shebajoux shop on Etsy. Formerly, I made custom headboards to indulge my love of fabric.

Okay, it's beautiful fabric, but I like pattern!
Okay, it’s beautiful fabric, but I like pattern!

This turned out to be a stressful and time consuming endeavor, not to mention no one wanted fun fabric (solids, solids, solids), so I wasn’t fulfilling my desire to work with interesting material.

The premise of my blog’s name is that working with fabric is a soothing, therapeutic process for me. And so, rather than working on stressful, time consuming projects like headboards, I have decided to join the hordes of sellers on Etsy who make pillow covers. This is a great fit for me not only because it is quick and easy, but because I have so much extra fabric (not that that has stopped me from picking up more).

Beyond making simple covers I am planning on making full use of every scrap of fabric by mixing, matching, and generally making interesting pillow “art” for your couch. I have only worked on a few of these “art pieces” so far and though they are more work to sew, they are by far my favorites.

Have a gander if you’d like. I haven’t had a chance to “prettify” the look of my shop yet as I have been working hard to sew up an inventory of pillows but there are several to check out (the best are yet to come).

Recognize this fabric? It is left over from my Chairs for Charity chair. This one isn't posted on etsy yet.
Recognize this fabric? It is left over from my Chairs for Charity chair. This one isn’t posted on etsy yet.

Another reason I’ve been sewing up a storm is that I will be taking part in my first artisan market coming up in mid November. More details to come once I’ve confirmed my spot (trying not to chicken out!).

For me this whole process is both exciting and scary. Exciting, because I get to sew, working with whatever fabric I choose, and scary because I’m afraid of being a dismal failure. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not really about how many pillows I sell, or making the big bucks. There will never be “big” money in making pillow covers. Ultimately, it’s about the fabric. The process. If I allow myself to enjoy the process and not get caught up in the idea of a “business”, that’s when it is therapeutic.

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