I have been going through a bit of an emotionally rocky time. These times often happen for no rhyme or reason and I pass through, unharmed, time and time again. My daughter is young enough to remain fairly oblivious of my mood changes during these times and for this I am thankful. To her all continues on the same and when I look through her eyes I see that no matter what life’s current circumstances are…

The world is a game. Life is an adventure.

Telephone poles are for climbing (unsuccessfully), puddles are for splashing in, roots are for jumping over, rocks are for jumping off.

Lines are tightropes to be bravely walked across and sidewalks are stages, meant for singing and dancing.

Bridges are inhabited by grumpy old trolls and the alphabet must be sung to gain safe passage.

Rocks are treasures to purchase chocolate twigs with, weeds are flowers to be picked and admired.

Everyone is a friend, regardless of age, to be greeted with a smile.

Cars have feelings and sometimes need kisses and coffee to make them feel better.

Through her eyes, the world is a very different place.

This sweet child has yet to be touched by grief or pain and embraces the world with innocence and curiosity. She helps me to see the good, the beautiful, in all that surrounds me. When I look at the world through her eyes I am able to let go of grief, pain, and worry. I am able to open my eyes to appreciate beauty, open my mouth to sing cheerful songs, and move my body to the carefree ring of our voices.

As we walk down the street, side by side, I am thankful for her perspective.

Thank you Sofia.


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