Play to Your Strengths

I consider DIY to be one of my strengths. However, today I was reminded, not for the first time, that this know-how does not extend to all categories of craft.

Sewing pillows. Good. Making headboards. Good. Re-finishing furniture. Good. Impromptu Halloween costumes…I’ll let you decide on that one.


Charlie was supposed to be dressed up as Sofia’s precious “Lambie” (seen below with Sofia, Ladybug Girl). Borrowing the lamb costume from a friend didn’t pan out so I tried to improvise 30 minutes before trick or treating with some pillow stuffing and a headband for the resultant “Cloud-headed” boy (blueberry face not a part of the costume). FYI, we stuck on a pair of ladybug antennas and he went as “bug boy” instead.

Like I said. I need to stick to my strengths. Clearly.



bug boy

PS. I think that birthing beautiful babies is a strength of mine. Does that mean I should keep doing it?

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