The director of my program says that 90% of people in Vancouver decorate in traditional style, whether they know it or not. This means that when it comes to window coverings, I need to be open to decorating with some frills. When I think traditional drapery accessories something like this comes to mind:


Massive tassels. Fringe. Okay. It might be good traditional design but it makes me a bit nauseated. I’m just not a big fan of all the frills.

However, research for my homework has led me to re-evaluate my attitude towards drapery accessories. In fact, I have started to embrace the idea. I mean, we all know that there are some gorgeous finials out there (the ball things at the end of the curtain rod) but what I didn’t know is that there is a gorgeous variety of curtain tiebacks. These drapery accessories aren’t just for traditional style.

I’m loving these beaded tie backs:



This one would be super easy and inexpensive to DIY.


How about a beaded tassel?




Something a bit more simple but still stunning:


I love the vintage appeal of this one.
I love the vintage appeal of this one.

In fact, there are even some tassels that I could pick out for a a really traditional client and not shudder at:



Another thing that I have learned about window coverings is that they are super expensive. Even to DIY myself a pair of drapes for my bedroom would take 15 yards of fabric to get the proper fullness. At say, $25 a yard, it really adds up. However, when I’ve saved up enough pennies, I look forward to adorning my windows with drapes and all kinds of bead emelished bling.

Though it is true that the beaded tiebacks would be easy to DIY, that many beads would cost a pretty penny. Better off buying from those who have the resources to buy beads at wholesale costs. You can find beautiful beaded accessories, as well as more traditional tassels at Design with Confidence in New Westminster. Many of these accessories are a steal at under $20.

Don’t feel like driving to New West much less leaving your home? These etsy shops also sell some winning tiebacks:

Willows Grace for vintage metal tiebacks (white metal flower tieback pictured above is from this store)

Earthlie Treasures for beaded tiebacks

Lynn’s Graceland for metal tieback/hooks with crystal detailing

There aren’t many tassels for sale on etsy, beaded or otherwise, so you are best off checking out online retailers like Ali Express.

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