Over the past six years my life has changed directions from heading towards foreign missions to staying in the Greater Vancouver Area. However, certain desires have not changed. Since Nursing school (or at least that far back) a desire to work with women and children living in difficult situations has been growing in my heart. However, I haven’t been sure of what that looks like for me in this area of the world.

It has been a  dream of mine over the past few years to buy a home with a suite so that I could house women and children in difficult life situations. Unfortunately, the real estate market in the Greater Vancouver Area excludes my family from owning such a property. As an alternative I have looked into different organizations but this and that (aka, babies and mental health crisis) have kept me busy on the home front.

This past Spring I again started looking into volunteer opportunities. A certain organization called Dixon Transitional Society stood out to me and I started the process to become a volunteer grocery shopper. However, I soon realized that my grumpy 6 month old was keeping me busy enough for the time being and I halted the process.

Dixon Transitional Society struck a chord with me because it does what I do not have the means to do, it houses and counsels women escaping abusive situations. This past Fall, when my decorating instructor mentioned wanting to donate our school’s time and decorating skills to a place in need, this society immediately flew to mind. My instructor quickly jumped on the suggestion and after a visit to the transition house discovered it was indeed in need of some beautifying.

This isn’t how I imagined being involved in the lives of women and children, nor how I imagined volunteering with Dixon Society, but I am thrilled. I’m greatly looking forward to the project starting in January. It’s a beautiful combination of two of my great passions: decorating and aiding women in need. When time permits I will be writing another post to share with you a bit more about what we will be doing and why I feel this project is so important.

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  1. Hi Heather, I love the way I am in the same boat as you. I still want to be involved in foreign missions, but God has me in Maryland for the time being. I have been looking to help women in my area and am trying to find a place to volunteer. I’m so excited you’ve found a place to volunteer in you area! I’ll never forget our trip to Botswana together – it’s some of the best memories I have. I hope you’re doing well.

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