I had an amazing 28th birthday today. Greeted in bed with cuddles and presents, caffeinated thoroughly, and snowed upon while enjoying adult company and watching my kids relish the fresh powder. To make things even better, I got to spend the afternoon inside our warm, cozy and festively decorated home with my mom and kids. Topped off with an at home “date” with my hubby it was a pretty rockin’ day. And then I checked my e-mail. An unwelcome letter sent me off my happy but rather than go to bed filled up with pent up stress and fury, I decided to work with my husband on another “What Sofia Says” post. It can’t help but rekindle the joy that has marked this birthday.

When trying on her new dress: “I’m handsome like daddy.”

In response to the questions, “am I your big strong mommy?”: “No, you’re my big shiny mommy”

During potty training, running around the house in the buff: “I’m a naked girl!!!”

When reading about the nativity: “That’s Mary, that’s daddy, and that’s baby Ezra” (FYI Ezra is the newest addition to my sister’s pod of boys)

While practising the alphabet: “That’s “A” for Thomas” (every letter is “A” and every other is for Thomas, the tank engine that is).

At the dinner table when given a small pickle: “Awwww, it’s a baby pickle, snooki snooki. I’m going to eat you” (when I’m “attacking” the kids with cuddles I call them “snookle-doodle-berries” or “snookis” for short. In case you are worrying, I do not eat them afterwards).

While pulling the cat by it’s neck onto her lap: “I want you to be my friend Sheba!” in an aggressive, loud voice.

About our weekend plans: “We’re going to the Christmas tree patch!”

When I got into the car with a shopping bag of Christmas presents: “I want them! I want them!” When told she would have to wait until Christmas, replying with an impish smile and “helpful” intentions: “I’ll carry the bag for you mommy.”

While walking around the clothes section of the grocery store, touching the fabric: “ooh, beautiful fabric. Oh, it’s gorgeous. So pretty.” (she’s been to the fabric store with me a time or twenty, my little mimic)

While throwing herself into my arms for a hug: “I love you mommykinsers!”

Once again Sofia, I thank you for the joy you bring to my life on a daily basis.


PS. You forgot your sunglasses at our house Auntie Sherry.

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