As I have mentioned before, I am on a quest to add more colour to my home. I was recently inspired during my class on background coverings by the idea of 3D wall art.

not the best picture but you get the idea: it's a tree, it's 3D.
not the best picture but you get the idea: it’s a tree, it’s 3D.

I don’t want a tree plastered on my wall but it gave me an idea to add dimension and colour to the cherry blossom tree decal on the wall in my kid’s play area. Here is a before picture:

Before: kids playroom/craft area
Before: kids playroom/craft area

I have since used some extra cloud white paint to paint these two walls. I also shifted the kitchen to another wall and bought this clean lined chest of drawers from Ikea to add both toy storage and storage for my craft and sewing supplies.

I had started considering buying a fancy, more colourful wall decal for this area but to save money I decided to work with what I had. I bought a $8 stem of fake red flowers from the craft store and by plucking the flowers and attaching them to the existing decal I was able to add dimension and a pop of my accent colour.

Not that they are really comparable to real flowers but I still think I will be a bit less bummed when my flowers die.


After. My next colour pop will be painting the wood of the kid's table, just haven't decided on a colour yet.
After. My next colour pop will be painting the wood of the kid’s table, just haven’t decided on a colour yet.
Eating crayons. Because that's what he does.
Eating crayons. Because that’s what he does.


This project was as simple as sewing two flowers together with embroidery floss and using double sided mounting strips to attach them to the wall. If you don’t happen to have a needle or thread, a hot glue gun will do just as well.

I’m not such a fan of faux flowers that I would use them outside of an area meant for children, but as this is the play area…I’m loving it!

Note:another fun baby room project with faux flowers are baby mobiles. See below the one I made for my daughter’s first nursery.


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