For me, writing this blog is an outlet to talk about DIY and decor but also a method of introspection. As Lent began yesterday my thoughts have turned in that direction. I don’t normally give up anything for Lent. Most people give up food or drink and my understanding of it is that you give these things up so that your unmet desire turns your attention towards God.

In a ladies Bible study I attend we have been studying Corinthians and it has drawn my thoughts to the eternal importance of how we choose to live our lives on earth. If we are already Christians, how we choose to live out our faith. On discussing this with the group my mind was instantly drawn to thoughts of deeds. I need to volunteer more. I need to give more money away. But then I realized that that is not where my problem really lies. The biggest obstacle for me in my relationship with God is the occupation of my mind.

I really love interior decorating and crafting. I look around my home and I am constantly seeing a new project. My mind is constantly thinking of ideas on how to beautify my surroundings. I am constantly surfing the internet to look at furniture, accessories and inspirational pictures. Did you notice a key word in the past few sentences: constantly.

The extremist in me says: oh my, I need to give up this interior decorating thing and all the money I planned to spend on decor should be given to the poor. The realist in me, the one who gets to have a say now and then now that my OCD is under control, tells me a different story. My desire to beautify my surroundings is one of the ways I reflect God’s nature (I mean look at how beautiful he made our world) and while I may do well to devote some of my decor budget to a good cause, I needn’t call it quits on all my plans.

So what do I do? My thoughts show me where my heart lies and what I value the most. As a Christian my ultimate focus in life should be following Christ, not decorating my home. I am a Christian yet I rarely read my Bible or pray. While these activities aren’t what ensure my home in Heaven, they are an important part of having a relationship with God and I haven’t left any space in my life, or mind, for them.

I don’t think you are really supposed to share with others if you decide to give something up for Lent but as writing posts for this blog is how I often process my thoughts, bare with me. I’ve decided to step back over the season of Lent. I can’t completely call a time out due to my class work and my project at the transition house but I can hold back in my own home. For me this means redirecting the time I would have spent searching online for the perfect throw blanket or getting quotes for new blinds towards God. It also means not spending money on decor during this season.

Like I said, I don’t normally give anything up for Lent but it seems like a good time to deal with this decoration preoccupation so tally-ho and away I go.

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