Coffee tables are standard fare for the living room but not something I have had in my own home for many years. I had until recently deemed it best to leave the space open for child’s play but I’m now on the hunt for a stylish, family friendly coffee table.

Here are the top ten family friendly coffee tables I found:

1.) Lucite Lovely


This coffee table tops my list due to its minimal presence, soft curves and lack of sharp edges.  Because this table is so barely there it can fit into modern or more traditional living spaces. You can gear your table top display towards your style of choice and voila! The disadvantage: scratches fairly easily and shows little finger prints (nothing some lucite polish and windex can’t fix.

2: Tribal Texture


This table from West Elm adds great texture to a room and is a perfect counterpoint to sleek, minimalist furniture. It’s also a fantastic piece for adding some “tribal chic” to your decor. In terms of kids, its round edges are poke safe and the rustic quality of the wood will work well with the scratches your children are sure to add. No cons here (except it is too small in scale for my couch!).

3. Glam Nesting Tables


I’m a huge fan of faux bamboo for chairs and love these metal bamboo nesting tables as well. These are a great space saving idea since you can simply nest them to increase your play space and spread them out when it is time for company. Glass, perhaps not the best for kids but great in terms of not taking up visual space in a small room.

4. Multipurpose Bench/Table


While this bench’s corners may poke out a few eyes, it gets points for versatility and style. It can function both as a coffee table or extra seating when you find yourself a chair or two short at the dining table. Its narrow width also works well in small rooms and allows more space for the little hooligans in your family to run around.

5. Hot Wheels


This simple coffee table exudes modernity and though its pokey corners may be a bit hazardous, its low lying profile diminishes the chance of small faces making contact. Coffee tables on wheels are a great option if you have kids since you can easily roll them to the side of the room and make space for play when desired.

6. Twos Companydrumstools2

These cute drum stools have the same tribal chic appeal as the round table from West Elm but more versatility. They can easily be pushed aside for play or called into service as extra seating.

7. Toy Trunk Chic

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table 8

This coffee table not only looks good but functions as a great storage space for unsightly toys. I love the contrast of the white trunk with the dark wood strapping and how the turned legs add some elegance. A downside: its fairly bulky and may take up too much space if you live in a Vancouver sized home (though I suppose this may be counterbalanced by the storage it offers).

8. Mid Century Mod


Small in scale and high in style, this mid century modern coffee table works well for tight spaces. Its rounded edges are safe for the little ones and the storage shelf helps to limit table top clutter. I can also picture the storage shelf being used to shoot cars through…

9. Modern Wicker


If I thought that wicker was outdated and country specific this coffee table proves me wrong. It’s shapely form and black paint elevate this table and make it appropriate for a more modern family home. A possible downside: children trying to push toys through the slats and damaging the table (because I know my kids would).

10.Tried and True Ottoman


Upholstered ottomans are a favorite family friendly coffee table replacement. I love the look, especially with the tufting and all the better if you can find one that has storage. However, unless you plan on getting leather this may not be the best option for kids. It wouldn’t last a week in my house without juice getting dumped on it.

Different tables for different homes, for different lifestyles but all beautiful in their own way. What suits your family best?

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