I complain too much. It is one of my vices. I struggle to be positive in the way I act and speak on a daily basis. But isn’t it easier to be positive when the sun is out? It shines some light on what a charmed life I truly live.

I often write about what a struggle parenting is but today I want to write about how extraordinary it is. Sometimes I wish that I was working so that I could have a break from my kids but what a blessing it is to get to spend these fun summer days with them. I go stir crazy at home with them, I’m not overly keen on playing with toys the way they want me to, but to steal a line from Anne of Green Gables, there is so much more “scope for the imagination” in the outdoors.

We have been spending these sun shiny days running through sprinklers, searching for shells at the beach, and hitting up what seems like every water park in the lower mainland. My children are happiest when they are outdoors and all the things I love about them seem to stand out to me more clearly these days. I find myself spending time just watching them, delighting in their changing expressions and laughing at the strange ways they bob their little bodies in time with whatever rhythm is available to them.

They are so extraordinarily beautiful and I am overwhelmed with wonder that these two little beings came from my body, that they are mine. How is it possible to love another human this much? And how scary is it to know that I won’t always be there to protect them when the days aren’t so sunny. But no negative thoughts right now. I’ll just stay in this place, filled with wonder that I get to be the mommy to hug, kiss, play, and pour out love on these precious little ones. It’s a good place to be.

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