If you live in Vancouver the last couple of days have been a bit of a bummer. After an almost unreal amount of glorious weather the clouds have moved in. Playing outdoors is my primary survival technique during the summer (that is, surviving my children), and being indoors too much gives us all the grumps. Thank goodness I attended that Indigo party on Tuesday before the rain moved in. A couple of gift bag goodies paved the way for some indoor fun.

(Disclaimer: a beloved source informed me that I sounded a bit too “yay, hooray Indigo” in my last post but I truly enjoy their product so my enthusiasm is genuine, it was just a bonus to receive some free product).

One of the products I received was a sample kit of “Roominate” building pieces. They are meant for children six and up but my daughter, 3 years, quickly got the hang of piecing them together and kept going back to them throughout the day. They are a new product created by two female engineers to encourage young girls to enjoy STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The kits also come with electrical circuits so that children can learn to light up and mobilize their creations.


Sofia, my daughter comes from a long line of engineers, including her daddy who was delighted by her enthusiasm over the product. She enjoyed Roominate so much that we took a trip to Chapters to try to buy some more. No luck, they won’t be released in Canada, exclusively at Chapters, until November.

I can’t walk into Chapter’s kid section and not buy something so I decided to grow our collection of Sands Alive, another freebie I received. Sands Alive is basically the new play dough but so much better. Unlike play dough it is not sticky and does not dry out when left in open air. Because it isn’t sticky, when it ends up all over your floor you can easily sweep it up. An added bonus is that my one year old didn’t seem interested in trying to eat it (unlike our brightly coloured play dough). We had planned to walk to the beach yesterday to build sand castles but this was a fun indoor alternative.

Messy, yes. But easily cleaned.
Messy, yes. But easily cleaned.


Between these two additions to our collection of toys and a trip to Metrotown for a ride on the mini train, our rainy day was saved. My kids love to create (and so do I) so these two products get a thumbs up from us all. Thank you Indigo!

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