Going Gold with Etsy

If you follow my blog then you know that I love Etsy. Not just the ease of clicking a button and having beautiful purchases delivered to my door, but also the feeling that I am supporting “the little guy”. I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to run an Etsy shop and it has made me realize that it takes a lot of time and effort, not just good product, to succeed in this venue.

In my previous post I was encouraging readers to (carefully) try out one of 2014s big trends, mixing metals.  If you are thinking of mixing up your cool metals with some warm ones, Etsy is a fantastic place to find unique pieces, both vintage and handmade.

Here are some of the golden beauties I discovered.

Textiles: These fabrics would be gorgeous in a white, gold, and silver nursery. All the product shown below can be purchased in silver as well.

I love the idea of using these types of fabrics to design a white, gold, and silver nursery. Very glamorous. These all come in silver and white as well (gold blanket, Modfox; deer pillow, Regan's Brain; White and gold pillows, Sarita Lutrell.

Gold blanket, Modfox; deer pillow, Regan’s Brain; White and gold pillows, Sarita Lutrell.

Vintage: Remember the picture of a mixed metal gallery wall from my last post? Etsy is a fantastic place to buy collections of vintage frames as well as other vintage decor items.

Handmade: The gorgeous stars below are similar to the geometric sculptures I bought for my bathroom wall. I’m considering ordering one of these lovelies to top my Christmas tree this year.

Even if gold decor isn’t your fancy there is plenty to be found on Etsy including jewelery, clothing, and art. Take a gander and keep your wallet close by.

Researching for posts like this is dangerous. I officially want to buy a gold star and a deer head pillow now 🙂


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