Next Saturday my little family will be bundling up against the (likely rainy) weather and heading to a Christmas tree farm for the second year in a row. This year will be extra fun and crazy as Charlie will be tramping around on his own two feet. However, if I find the creative energy earlier this week, I will be adorning our little playroom  with an alternative Christmas tree of its own.

I had a great time typing random ideas for alternative Christmas trees into Google images and never once failing to find that such a tree has already been created. My favorite, the one I plan on re-creating in mini version for our playroom, is one of the most simple:


I find Christmas decor can be a bit overly colourful at times so I like the idea of holiday decorating with a bit of white. I’m hoping it’s not overly difficult. The instructions can be found here on Pop Sugar. The directions are somewhat lacking so if I make one I’ll try to write out a step by step and post it.

Here are some other alternative Christmas ideas that struck my fancy. Even if crafting isn’t your thing, some of them are quite simple, like the bay leaf tree below.

As simple as spray painting a bunch of bay leafs and gluing them on a cone.
As simple as spray painting a bunch of bay leafs and gluing them on a cone.

I had mixed feelings about this next one but its fun factor won me over.


Parents of young children will cringe when they see this next alternative but it’s a cool idea for a Bachelor, especially if he happens to have an industrial loft.


One of my favorite bloggers to read is Kate from Kate’s Creative Space. She is an extraordinary crafter/mother/decorator and I adore how she turned this mannequin into a “Christmas tree” for her kitchen.

kate'sfirladytreeAnother alternative that I could see my children trying to scale but is beautiful none-the-less.


And at the risk of giving your children the wrong idea about Christmas:


So unless you happen to be a master metal worker this next one isn’t exactly a DIY project. You can buy it online here.


One idea I love and could not find a picture of is using painted thrift store china plates to make a wall Christmas tree, not unlike the one made from shelves a couple pictures above. I already have my wall of china (see below) so I won’t be experimenting with this one myself but if anyone happens to come across such a picture please do post it in the comments.

We tried out our "new" dining room on some friends for a dinner party.

Have you come up with any of your own fabulous ideas for alternative Christmas trees? Please do share!

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