(If you’ve ever watched the movie “White Christmas” you will know the tune going through my head when I picked the title of this post.)

I’m one of those lucky people whose best friend happens to be my sister. I can only hope the same for Sofia and Anna when they are older (Anna being not in my belly would also help the situation).

My sister is one of the most extraordinary and talented people I know. We share a passion for beauty, in nature and in design, though my sister veers towards fashion and I towards decor. She lives along with her husband and three young boys in a cute house set in a trendy Vancouver neighbourhood. The owners of the house had, let’s say, “eclectic” taste, and have left many marks of their presence in the home including gecko stencils on the trim (yikes) and random pieces of gorgeous old decor (yay real Persian rug and mid century modern chairs!). My sister has been itching to give their living room a makeover since they moved in and her husband has finally given her the thumbs up.

Today, while our combined five children ran amuck in my house, we stole moments to look at some furniture and paint colours. Now, post bedtime, I’ve been having fun putting together some ideas based on our conversation. Here is my best attempt to show you (and her!) what my mind has been up to.

(note: these are just ideas, fabric and paint swatches etc. would need to be seen in person to assess true compatibility)

A loungy neutral sectional, vintage vogue posters, brilliant blue walls, and funky patterns would make this living room a classy.
A loungy sectional with neutral textured fabric, a gallery wall of vintage vogue posters, brilliant blue walls, and funky fabrics would infuse this eclectic living space with energy to match that of three rambunctious boys.

So sister, what do you say?

(special thanks to my dear husband who guided his technology deficient wife through making my first online idea board).

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