Selling Purple Cloth

It’s ironic to me that my last post about family life was mostly about how content I currently am in motherhood. Not that I am discontent now, just that the ideas flying through my mind have nothing to do with mothering my children. I am drawing close to the end of my interior decorating diploma and I have been dreaming about what I might do with it, if anything, and how I might be able to sync taking care of my family with developing a career.

My mom once pointed out to me that I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur, from setting up a “book store” in front of my childhood house selling old books to selling handmade woven bracelets to my peers at high school. More recently there was my stint making custom headboards under the name “Shebajoux” then a few rounds at the local craft fair selling homemade pillow covers. The idea currently taking up much of my brain space involves starting an online shop selling fabric. (Did I ever mention that I love fabric? Oh yah, this site is called “Fabrictherapy”.)

I buy a lot of fabric online and for years I have been annoyed with certain aspects of the most popular online fabric stores. Recently I realized that with my interior decorating diploma soon in my pocket I will be qualified to address some of those issues and potentially use the store as a venue for offering interior decorating services via the internet. The beauty of this idea is that once I set up shop I could do most of my work from home. Currently I spend many hours a week between doing class homework and attending classes so the hope is to be able to spend equivalent time running the business and therefore not interfering much with my family’s current daily routine.

One of the reasons I want to/need to start blogging more is to get used to making social media a bigger part of my life. Did I just say that? I know it isn’t something most people “try” to do but I don’t really give a hoot for twitter and I’m not really sure what ‘instagram’ is though I know it requires a smart phone (which I do not have). My ever wise big sister has advised me that if I try to make a go at this idea, social media will be one of the keys to success. I guess I may need to trade in my flip phone.

I’m already in contact with a couple of fabric suppliers trying to get my foot in the door. It is exciting to research the fabric part of this business and overwhelming to look into the logistics of starting a store. How timely that the next course I am taking is “Business Preparedness”. I could prattle on about this for hours (doesn’t my husband know it!) but instead I’ll leave you with some gorgeous fabric photography taken by one of my favorite fabric suppliers of the moment.

From Alhambra Marais collection

From Alhambra Marais collection

From Alhambra Allure collection

From Alhambra Allure collection



From the new Alhambra Adire collection

From Alhambra Marais collection

From Alhambra Marais collection


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  1. Dear Heather,
    We have found your post and we are very exited to know that we are one of your favourite brands.
    Thank you for your beautiful words! Comments like yours help us to continue working on what we were passionate about.
    Best Regards,
    Alhambra´s team

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