Tonight was supposed to be the first night of my Business Readiness course, sadly it was cancelled and I’ve taken all the other current course offerings so I am without an escape for the semester. Leaving my family at 6:30 on a week night is something I look forward to each time I take a class. Skipping the bedtime routine and having some breathing space a whole hour or so before the kids are actually in bed is a real treat.

My husband, being amazing as he is, has accepted my proposition to take that normal class night each week and leave the fam early to go have some time alone to work on blog and design related work. And so, I sit in the (quiet? relative to kids screeching) of Starbucks with my computer. I have to say, I was tempted to cross the road and see if I could blog whilst getting a pedicure. Maybe next time.

One of my most visited blog posts is one I wrote a couple years ago about different storage options for Ikea Billy bookcases. I figure those links are all but moot by now so I thought I’d do an update for those seeking to outfit their Billy. Here are some of the goodies I have found that actually fit! Please forgive all the scrolling! I was having formatting issues.

Lattice basket from Target
A classic milk crate
A classic milk crate from Target
For a curvy modern look these West Elm containers hit the mark.
Fun from Pier 1
Blue felt bin from CB2
A modern industrial look from CB2
This may not still be around by the time you click the link but they have a constant flow of unique storage options at Chairish.
This may not still be around by the time you click the link but they have a constant flow of unique storage options at Chairish.
A snazzy fun look for you playroom from Pier 1!
A simple and inexpensive option from Walmart.
So this doesn’t exactly fit on the shelf but I love the idea of attaching a hook to the side of the bookcase then hanging this World Market basket. It would be a perfect place for stuffies.
Striped basket from Pier 1
Wooden tool type box from World Market
A container you can label for the super organized. From Serena and Lilly.

Hope you can find something you like.  If you stop by this post a year from now don’t be too discouraged if these links are obsolete. Check out the stores these items are from and your likely to find something that will fit!

Now I must further take advantage of this child free time and get some groceries!

















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