Succulents, meet Grandma’s Crystal

My dining table always looks more alive when it has a centerpiece. Practical for a family of five who eats at this table three times a day? No. But very pretty.

Over the past couple of years succulents have become one of my favorite forms of greenery. They stand up to my black thumb and my cat’s annoying habit of nibbling leafy greens, plus they have sculptural form to boot! Many years ago I claimed a crystal bowl which belonged to my maternal grandma and proceeded to leave it hidden in a cupboard. I decided that it would make a perfect container for a grouping of succulents so now I get to have a center piece and a functional way to display grandma’s crystal!

Do forgive the excessive number of pictures. I was practicing my still life photography.




Here are some other interesting vessels for planting succulents in. Choose a vessel fitting your home’s style and you can’t go wrong with these beauties.




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