As a child, one of my favorite shows, next to the Flinstones of course, was The Jetsons. I was fascinated by the instantaneous nature of their futuristic world. With the push of a few buttons you could wash, dry, and clothe your body. With another button your meal is provided. The dog makes a mess? Just call on Robo Nanny and your floor is spotless within seconds.

I appreciated the novelty of these gizmos and gadgets then, how much more so as a home owner, wife, and mother of three do I appreciate them now. I’m slightly disappointed that science has not come further in the last twenty years but I guess we haven’t reached 2062 quite yet. However, I entertained both myself and my children whilst looking into some of the time saving inventions that have been created for our homes. Here are some of my faves:

  1. Neorest 750
Neorest 750 by Toto

Who wouldn’t appreciate a self cleaning toilet? Not only does this toilet apparently stay clean and germ free for a year (!?) but also opens when you approach, washes and drys your bottom for you, deodorizes immediately, and provides a nightlight. That’s pretty “Jetson-y” if you ask me.

2. The Litter Robot


My other favorite, as a owner of two cats, has to be this self cleaning litter box, the “Litter Robot”. My children were greatly entertained by You-Tube videos of it (not because they were entertaining, but because my kids think anything to do with poop is hilarious).

4. The Roomba:


I’m sure most of you have heard of this one. In terms of home cleaning robots the roomba is somewhat more practical price-wise (hundreds rather than thousands). Crumbs and cat hair are a constant battle in my house so having a robot vacuum would be magical. As an added bonus I could tell my children it would suck up their toys if they didn’t put them away after playing (I have found this to be a very effective threat with the regular vacuum cleaner).

6. Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot


This newer model of the Braava both cleans and mops the floor but only small spaces at a time. It is almost half the price of the Roomba, retailing for $299. The advantage of the roomba is that it tackles larger spaces and tackles carpets and rugs as well. Sounds like Braava and Roomba could be good household companions.

5. Vario Mirror TV

TV off
TV on
TV on

A TV that disguises itself as a mirror? Sign me up. I hate seeing a big flatscreen above a beautiful fireplace and though I’ve been taught that  mirrors should only be placed where they reflect light and beauty, I rather see the reflection of a wall than I big black hole.

6. The Better Marriage Blanket


The Jetsons didn’t foresee this one. A blanket that neutralizes the smell of flatulence with its active carbon fabric? According to this article this is the same material used to protect the military from chemical weapons. Everyone could use one of those after taco night. Thank you science.

7. Miele Built in Coffee Machine


This machine does all the work and offers a fresher cup of Jo than those Nespresso cups of chemical coffee. The Miele built in machine grinds your beans right before making the coffee to ensure freshness and you can program the machine with your favorite drinks so that at the touch of button your perfect latte will be delivered (though you do need to click in some fresh milk).  You can have these machines attached to your plumbing so you don’t even have to deal with the inconvenience of refilling a water tank. The only problem with this machine is that I already treat coffee like water and I imagine the convenience could lead to some serious over-caffeinating.

Any cool household items that you want to add to the list? Leave a note in comments, I’d love to hear of more.

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