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Take Away Accessorizing Tips

A few weeks ago I finished my decorating class on home accessorizing. Thankfully, despite my sleep deprived, just-had-a-baby state I was still able to glean a load of valuable information. If you aren’t studying to become an interior decorator the idea of spending eight weeks learning about accessories might bore you to death but hopefully these take home tips will help you to beautify your own home.

For clarification, by accessories I mean mirrors, pillows, blankets, rugs, lamps, vases, artwork (or pretty much anything you would hang on a wall), sculptures, candles, and small piece of furniture like a pouffes. This is not an exhaustive list but will give you an idea of what types of items I am referring to throughout the following tips.

1.) Accessories are an opportunity to add an accent colour to your space. This is an easy and inexpensive way of changing up your decor without committing long term to a colour scheme. The rule of thumb is that your accent colour should show up at least three times in a room (eg. a throw blanket, a lamp, and a rug).

Having at least three hits of the accent colour helps to create visual flow.

Having at least three hits of an accent colour, in this case, yellow,  helps to create flow in a space.

2.) When accessorizing a room remember that different metals count as different colours. Gold or brass is yellow. Silver, chrome, and nickel are grey. Copper is orange. Iron is black. If you have a lot of metal in your room, take the colour of the metal into consideration when you are choosing other accessories.

3.) About mirrors: Contrary to what you may have heard, mirrors do NOT enlarge a space unless they reflect the floor (eg. a large, tall mirror leaning against a wall will visually enlarge your space whereas a mirror hanging above your fireplace will not). And remember, mirrors should reflect something beautiful. Your blank wall or stippled ceiling is not beautiful. Your prized painting or light filled garden is beautiful.


This oversized mirror visually enlarges this room.

This over-sized mirror visually enlarges this room.


Not such an exciting reflection. Mirrors above the fireplace, unless they are beautiful enough to act as a piece of art, are a no-no. I am currently committing this atrocity along with millions of others. It's true, my ceiling isn't so exciting...

Not such an exciting reflection. Mirrors above the fireplace, unless they are beautiful enough to act as a piece of art or are opposite a window, are a no-no. I am currently committing this atrocity along with millions of others. It’s true, the reflection of my ceiling isn’t so exciting…I’m taking a change under consideration.

4.) Gallery walls continue to be a popular way to display artwork but there is one important rule of thumb to follow: on one side of your gallery wall, whether it be top or bottom, left or right, the artwork needs to form a straight line. It sounds a bit strange but after looking at lots of photos of gallery walls I see that it really does look better if you follow this tip.


It is fine to mix frames, add mirrors, antlers, letters etc. but keep that straight line. The straight line formed on the right side of this picture with the two prints helps to anchor this arrangment.

It is fine to mix frames, add mirrors, antlers, letters etc. but keep that straight line. The straight line formed on the right side of this gallery wall with the two pieces helps to anchor the arrangement.


The lack of a straight line causes this arrangement to look chaotic.

The lack of a straight line causes this arrangement to look chaotic.

5.) You’ve likely heard it before but I can’t mention accessories without mentioning this class faux paux: your rug should not be floating in the center of your room. It should be large enough that the front legs of your couch and chairs are on the rug.





6.) Less is more. If you happen to have a large number of decorative items either purge those you don’t love or rotate objects, keeping some in storage then changing them up when desired.

7.) In conjunction with the above advice, avoid clutter and give objects room to breath. This rule applies both with hanging groups of pictures (not too close!) and arranging objects on a flat surface. In terms of pictures: place smaller pictures 2-3 inches apart; place medium sized pictures 3-5 inches apart; place large pictures 7-10 inches apart.


Coraling objects on a tray or in a basket like this helps to avoid a cluttered look.

Grouping objects on a tray or in a basket like this helps to avoid a cluttered look.


Too much! Where does the coffee go on this coffee table!

Too much! Where does the coffee go on this coffee table!

8.) Group odd numbers of objects or pictures together, it is more pleasing to the eye. Example: for a gallery wall, hang five pictures; for candles, group three together.

9.) If you are going to break the rule of odd numbers as mentioned above, do it properly. If you only have two great pictures to hang, hang them close enough together that they visually read as one piece (I know, I also just said not to crowd objects. There’s always an exception…). This is also why hanging four pictures in a grid, like below, can work, because it visually reads as one large picture.  The pictures also need to have the same theme in order for them to visually read as one. Am I confusing you yet?


10.) Size matters! Make sure when hanging a picture, mirror, or other groupings of wall decor that they do not extend past the edges of whatever table, couch, desk, etc that they are hung above.





Since taking this course I have been looking around my house with different eyes, spotting all the faux paux that I have made. It doesn’t look bad, but I now know how to make it look better. Will this advice help you to improve your home decor?

Thanks again to my instructor, Bea O’Driscoll, who passed on the knowledge and information represented in this post.


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The Bucket List

Have you seen the movie The Bucket List? Hilarious, no? Though I’m neither advanced in years nor dying I’ve started adding things to my own bucket list, though it may more aptly be called the things-to-do-once-the-kids-are-older-and-I’m-less-exhausted list. There is nothing particularly poignant on my list as of yet. So far it looks something like this:

– Spend a week  at the stunningly decorated Gilded Hotel in Newport Beach and enjoy breakfast tapas (Seriously, check out the link. The decor, as well as the food, are worth drooling over)

– Go shopping for vintage and antique decor items in Toronto and meet Sarah Richardson while I’m at it

– Hike the Chilkoot Trail

– Go on a child-free girls trip with my mom and sister

– Get one of my designs published in a magazine (on-line or print, I’m not picky!)

Most recently I have added a more here-and-now attainable goal to my bucket list: take a painting class. Yesterday afternoon I had a rare hour to myself so I brought out my paints and a large canvas and painted an abstract painting to fill the void on the wall above my new dining banquette. Is it amazing? No. But the process was exhilarating. I loved mixing the colours, getting dirty, and experimenting with techniques. When an activity makes you feel that good, regardless of how the end product turns out, it is worth investing some time in. And why not spend some of that time learning how to do it better? I’m out of luck for classes this summer but I’m hoping to take a weekend course on working with acrylic paints in the Fall.

My main goal with the painting was to add some more colour to my dining area and regardless of skill level, this painting certainly does that:




Do you have a bucket list? Why wait, is there anything you can check off this summer?

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Getting Lucky on Craigslist

If you have been following my blog for a bit you know that I love Jonathan Adler, a love originating with his Chinese Chippendale chair.

adlerchippendaleI’ve been coveting these chairs for my dining room for at least three years: a bit of a pipe dream at $700 US a pop. We will likely always be small space dwellers and I love the airiness of the open backs and how they help to increase visual space in a dining room. They have traditional lines which looks gorgeous in both formal and informal settings, with modern or traditional decor.

chinesechippdiningroomI gave up on finding a vintage version of these chairs a while back. Those kind of killer finds seem to be more common in cities like Toronto. However, whenever I turn on my computer Craigslist comes up automatically. I normally ignore it but last week my eyes flew to the words “vintage Chippendale chairs”. Cue chorus of angels!


Seriously! Scan back to the Adler picture! The lines are identical, only the cushion is different!

Almost identical to the Adler chairs, I scored these vintage 70’s Chinese Chippendale chairs for $80 a pop. In solid condition, all I need to do is pick some gorgeous fabric and sew up some new (removable and washable) seat cushions. Charlie has already put his blueberry and tomato sauce signature on one of the cushions so I will certainly be going for a darker, more kid friendly fabric. However, I figure if these chairs lasted the last 45 years, they will be able to withstand whatever my kids can meat out. Can’t wait to pick up fabric and show you how they look with some new cushions!

In your face Jonathan Adler! (okay, not really, I still love you, but the savings!!!)

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Adding Pizzazz to a Boring Bathroom for under $200

When I said last week that I re-vamped my kid’s bathroom for under $200, you may have guessed that my “weapon” of choice was paint. Because we had just spent a significant amount of money updating some of the finishes in our master bathroom, this was one of those makeovers where I had to sneak twenty dollars here and twenty dollars there to achieve a new look for a lot less.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with certain blogs I follow because it seems like the bloggers have unlimited resources to tear rooms down to the studs and build them back up to beautiful. This post is for those of us who need to ratify the ugly in our homes (now!) but are unable to afford anything that can’t be done with our own two hands. It may be a bit of a band-aid solution, but hey, they make some really cute band-aids now-a-days.

No true before picture again. This is another bathroom in my complex with the same finishes as mine.

No true before picture again. This is another bathroom in my complex with the same finishes as mine, right down to the drab off-white paint. It is slightly larger than any of our bathrooms.

The key to this budget bathroom makeover can be summed up in three elements: paint, fabric, and accessories. But first the gigantic wall mirror had to go. People think these mirrors make small bathrooms look bigger- wrong! Ask my husband, he’s a skeptic turned convert since we eliminated these mirrors from our home. Removing them does tend to leave a bit of a mess since builders like to gob on way more glue than needed. I found this video on you-tube very helpful in regards to fixing up all the torn dry wall (just using poly-fila or drydex is not enough! I tried).


After: Bold colour reigns.

After: Bold colour reigns.

After: bold colour reigns.

A small, clear container now corrals all the children’s grooming supplies and keeps their gear from being spread all over the counter. The plant picks up on the orange in the shower curtain. It may die from lack of light but I love the look for the present.

A little paint can go a long way to amp up your bathroom decor, and not just for the walls. I found a paint colour to match the teal in my shower curtain and for the whopping additional cost of a $5 sample pot I transformed an ugly $13 mirror from Lowes into a statement piece. I picked up some two dollar frames from Ikea and painted them to match. I currently have $2 Ikea floral prints in the frames that do the job but I have my eyes on some small water colour paintings from an artist I recently discovered on Etsy.

From the Art Corner Shop on Etsy.

From the Art Corner Shop on Etsy. A bit rich for my non-budget but all in good time.

Monogrammed towels were not something I was going to invest in for my children’s bathroom but for a dose of fun, I added a $3 “L” to the rather boring medicine cabinet which I removed from my master bathroom.


The custom shower curtain I made took up the majority of the budget as I needed four yards of fabric and I had my heart set on this gorgeous P Kaufman floral for the top three quarters. You can easily spent much less on a stylish shower curtain at places like Target, West Elm, and Homesense.

All in all the budget breakdown looks like this:

$80 Custom Shower Curtain

$60 Paint from General Paint

$18 Mirror from Lowes (includes cost of sample paint pot)

$10 Plant from Walmart

$10 Storage basket from London Drugs

$4 Artwork and Frames from Ikea

For a grand total of $182. The great thing is that you can easily knock some big money off your budget by buying a store bought shower curtain and cheaper paint (I bought the expensive stuff because my kids splatter excessive amounts of water on the walls).

So, do you have a boring bathroom that needs some budget friendly help? I hope this post inspires you to make the most of what you have. Not confident to decorate yourself? Let me help. You can contact me at [email protected] Whether you are local or far away, I’d love to assist you to achieve your best possible bathroom (or any room for that matter). You see, that was the last room left for me to decorate in my own home. It’s time to step out the door.


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What’s in Your Closet?


Skeletons? Probably not. But if you’re like me and have a bit of clutter phobia there may be some treasures that you have hidden away behind closed doors. For me this looks like wooden sculptures from my husband’s and my separate trips to Africa and trinkets inherited from beloved family members.

I was recently reading an article in a design magazine where the designers were complaining that when they went to a house to take pictures they always had to go through people’s cupboards to draw out personal items to add flavor to the home’s design. Looking around my own home, I see that my clutter phobia has left few personal touches in the space. Unless you count copious amounts of hot wheels and play mobile as a personal touch.

The recent removal of my Christmas tree from the corner of my living room seems to have left a giant decorative gap. I had decided on what I thought was the perfect unit to display some of my “hidden treasures” but it ended up overwhelming the space, so back to the store it will go. Until I find that “perfect” unit for this corner, I have decided to take up some of the space on the playroom bookcase to display a few treasures. I’m much happier with the overall styling of the  bookcase now that I have shuffled things around to include these items (and as you can see, I finally found some stylish little toys baskets to fit the billy bookcase)

As you can see near the bottom, I finally found some stylish little toys baskets from Walmart.

Top left is a gorgeous engraved jewellery box my sister bought me in India and an alphabet crochet my mom made me when I was a little girl.

The brass apple is a buy from a lovely fellow vendor at the flea market.

The brass apple is a buy from a lovely fellow vendor at the flea market.

My husband brought home this lovely wooden statue from Burkina Faso.

My husband brought home this lovely wooden statue from Burkina Faso.

These keys belong to my husband's recently deceased grandfather who worked in telecommunications during WWII.

These keys belong to my husband’s recently deceased grandfather who worked in telecommunications during WWII.

In my mother’s generation these kinds of treasures were displayed in china cabinets but since my decor style leans more towards modern, I love the idea of using etagères as modern day “china cabinets”. Given the smaller living quarters most of us inhabit these days, the airy openness of these pieces helps to take up less visual space than a traditional china cabinet. The downside: get your dust cloths ready.

I'm a sucker for vintage bamboo etageres painted in bold colours.

I’m a sucker for vintage bamboo etagères painted in bold colours like those framing this couch.


These are great for a more industrial look.

The vittsjo shelving unit from Ikea is sleek and super inexpensive at $50.

The vittsjo shelving unit from Ikea is sleek and super inexpensive at $50. They are easy to customize with spray paint, and if you google these units you’ll find them made over in a variety of gorgeous shades.

I'm a sucker for a good glass and brass/gold etagere and I love the Asian of these two pieces.

I love a good glass and brass/gold etagère, and the Asian influence displayed in the lines of these two pieces is beautiful.

Leaning shelves are another stylish way to display your treasures. Check out Crate and Barrel or the Container Store for some nice options.

Leaning shelves are another stylish way to display your treasures. Check out Crate and Barrel or the Container Store for some nice options.


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Master Bath: Glamifying Builders Basic on a Budget

I contemplated calling this post “Baby Bedroom Makeover” since  the master bathroom will have a bassinet placed in the bathtub for baby Anna’s first first few months, but decided to avoid the confusion. Besides, this makeover was for me, not her.

I’ve been wanting to makeover the master bathroom (okay, every room) since we moved in and about six months ago I slowly started working towards that goal. I knew that we wouldn’t have the budget for a real renovation so some budget savvy DIY ideas and smart shopping would be necessary to make the greatest impact for the least amount of money.

* please note that when I speak off “saving” and “splurging” that in my world, anything over $200 is pretty much a splurge. This high-low is for those of us who decorate on a shoe string.

My “master” bathroom is a mere 8 feet by 5 feet so picture taking was a bit of a challenge but I did my novice best to display some of the work I’ve done in the bathroom. But first a before picture. Truthfully, it is a picture of a neighbor’s  slightly larger bathroom which has the same finishes mine used to have (I’m terrible at remembering to take before pictures).

No offense neighbor but boring, boring, boring.

No offense neighbor but boring, boring, boring.

My goal was to create a luxurious master retreat with deep colours and some much needed sparkle. The cheap blond laminate cabinets were not pulling it off so I painted them black to tie them in with our bedroom furniture and bought new crystal hardware to add some bling. I had custom overlays made in order to add interest and dimension to the flat cabinets. Save! $150 for cabinets that look high class ($100 for overlays, $50 for paint and knobs, blood, sweat and tears shed during cabinet re-finshing: priceless). I’ve seen bathroom cabinets with this kind of look on sale for thousands of dollars.

I used painters tape on my cabinets to help me visualize what the pattern would look like:


Before, with design taped out.



After, with custom overlays.

I have to admit that I am super picky about lighting, particularly bathroom lighting so I knew that this would end up being a splurge item. The clean lines and subdued sparkle sold me on this vanity light right away though I had to choke down the price tag. Splurge! This beauty cost over $300 (Vancouver Lighting). Know how I said a couple posts ago that I was still waiting for my electrician to get back to me? That’s still the case, but I was tired of waiting to write this post so here is the manufacturer’s picture of my light.


The builders beige/cream/yuck on the walls wouldn’t do either so with the help of a good friend I painted the walls a dark toned green, one of the colours used on the gallery wall frames right outside the bathroom. Save! $60 for paint (okay,the Benjamin Moore paint was a bit of a splurge but much cheaper than hiring a painter!). I know light, spa like bathrooms are popular but I prefer a dark, luxurious feel for my bathrooms (see pictures below).

The counter was a birthday/Christmas present from my hubby. I picked a lovely white quartz with small green/blue stones which reflect the wall colour. It also has flecks of glass which add some sparkle. We saved by going to a stinky, dirty factory location and picking out remnant stone. Removing the counter top by ourselves also helped to cut costs. Stone, sink and installation cost a total of $350 (kind of a splurge, but in comparison to alternatives it was a real save; Archstone). I found the new faucet on sale at Lowes for a song (see in last picture).


It turns out it is hard to capture a quartz’s sparkle with a camera.

The final touch of bling was the ever so inexpensive mirror from Lowes. I love their selection of mirrors and the prices can’t be beat. $60 for this beauty (see full mirror in last picture).

The medicine cabinet was also a save since I stole it off the wall in my kid’s bathroom. I splurged on a custom shower curtain with designer fabric but saved by sewing it myself. I avoided having to do pattern matching on the shower curtain by doing the bottom third in a different fabric. I added some pleating to the bottom for an extra touch of fancy.

Snagged Ikea cabinet;  custom shower curtain with Robert Allen fabric.

Snagged Ikea cabinet; custom shower curtain with Robert Allen fabric.

Hard to show off the shower curtain without sticking you with a big picture of my toilet. I avoided having to do pattern matching on the shower curtain by doing the bottom third in a different fabric. I added some pleating to the bottom for an extra touch of fancy.

Hard to show off the shower curtain without sticking you with a big picture of my toilet. I haven’t put anything above the toilet yet because I’m hesitant to make this wall look too busy. Any suggestions?

Overall, I left the main builder’s basic elements intact (tiling, bathtub, flooring) but with a few fancifying touches I was able to give the bathroom the feeling of a total makeover for under $1300. Looking at that number now, it seems like a lot but given the impact it was well worth it. It was a bit annoying to do the work so slowly but necessary due to my lack of energy in early pregnancy. As well,  spreading the costs over a period of six months helped us to be able to afford touches like the quartz counter. Here is the best after picture I could get of the overall effect of the makeover.


Next week I’ll be showing you how I added some fun and funky to my children’s bathroom for under $150. Stay tuned!



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This and That

I promised myself when I started blogging that I would never blog just for the sake of putting out a blog post. The temptation was there when I started but it takes blogging from pleasurable to stressful so I’ve abstained from this pit fall. Hence, you haven’t heard much from me since I found out I was pregnant in September. My favorite times for blogging were nap time and after the kid’s bedtime and though I have written many fine blog posts in my mind, they have all stayed there, followed by much needed naps and early bedtimes.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and still rather low on energy but as I mentally prepare for my interior decor classes to start up (I took off last semester), I feel myself being drawn back towards blogging, though time will tell how fruitful my fingers are on the keyboard. I am starting this year eager to do some design work for a friend and itching to show you what I have been up to in my two upstairs bathrooms.

I took my husband’s time at home over Christmas break to work on the last room in our house to remain untouched- the kid’s bathroom, and I finally finished off our master bath with a new quartz counter top (Happy Birthday/ Merry Christmas to me). I can’t wait to share some pictures but I’m still waiting for the last step: moving over the light fixtures. Currently they both look like this:

2014-12-30 09.17.13

Master Bathroom

Isn’t that light fixture gorgeous? I’ll have much better pictures when it’s all done. If I was more computer savvy I would photo shop it to move the light over and get on with my post…but I’m not. I’ve been trying to get an electrician in since September but it still hasn’t happened, partly due to poor planning on my part. This brings me to my New Years Resolutions. They’re pretty simple really:

1.) get an electrician

2.) make it to the hospital on time to get an epidural

and (most importantly),

3.) make sure I never get pregnant again.

Okay, maybe number two and three aren’t entirely within my control, but I’ll do my best.

Happy New Year!

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Breeding Discontent

One of my greatest guilty pleasures (after watching stupid teen shows like “Vampire Diaries”) is looking at real estate. Specifically, I like to look at charming old houses which are outside our financial scope at this time but may be within it in ten years or so. I love to go through the pictures admiring the craftsmanship and planning renovations which enhance the original charm of the homes (what a travesty when over zealous renovators strip these lovelies of their detail!).

Right now I am drooling over this 3 bedroom heritage home in New Westminster’s West End:

English Garden, Sloped roof, front porch. Oh yah.

English Garden, Sloped roof, front porch. *Drool*. Picture via.

And rooms like the following with molding and arches:


I look at this room and my mind moves a mile a minute in excitement. I imagine new tile floors, built in banquette seating with gorgeous throw pillows surrounding a round pedestal table, whimsical wallpaper above the wainscoting and a gorgeous light fixture.

All fun and games until I start to indulge these fancies for too long, hence it being a “guilty” pleasure. I start to want the houses, really, really want them. I feel so frustrated that this dream is out of my grasp that discontent starts to grow in my heart. When it gets to this point I have to give myself a mental slap in the face in order to remember how much I already have.

Three years ago we would never have even imagined being able to own a three bedroom townhouse. Not only do we have the space we need for our family but also added pleasures like an en-suite, large closets, nine foot ceilings, and neighbors we adore. There is so much to enjoy and be thankful for in my current circumstances.

And not just in terms of housing. I have two beautiful children who have actually started playing together (between episodes of Sofia pushing Charlie over and him biting her in retaliation), as well as a healthfully growing baby who no longer makes me want to vomit every minute of every day.

Yesterday Sofia and Charlie spent like and hour "reading" together on our dismantled chaise.

Yesterday Sofia and Charlie spent like and hour “reading” together on our dismantled chaise.

I’ll keep these blessings close to my heart and mind as Steve and I enjoy being looky loos at the open house this weekend.


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Modern Patchwork Pretty

Patchwork? Modern? It might seem like a clash of words in your mind. Patchwork is more commonly seen and associated with country design like in the cozy living room shown below.

Cute. But not everyone's cup of tea, especially if you live are a city dweller.

Cute. But not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are a city dweller. Picture via

Because patchwork by it’s very nature is busy looking it fits well with country design where patterns tend to be a bit fussier. In fact, to call any design involving patchwork “modern” is a bit of a misnomer since modern design should be more minimalistic.  I say this mostly as a disclaimer in case my decor instructor ever reads this and thinks I’ve learned nothing. So let’s just say I’m looking at a more modern take on patchwork.

I essentially love patchwork because I love fabric (hence the name of this site) and with patchwork you get to enjoy a plethora of gorgeous fabrics in one object. It also opens up great options for using up scraps of fabric…which I happen to have left over from my living room pillows, my dining room shade, my chair slip covers…etc. I haven’t been able to find an appropriate table runner for my dining room table and I decided that a combination of these scraps would make a patchwork pretty table topper.

This West Elm pillow convinced me that I could take a more modern approach to patchwork which would suit the considerably not country style of my home.

patchworkpillowestelmI haven’t made the table runner yet. That’s another post for another day but now that I’m in my second trimester I’m beginning to find the energy to get off my butt. My hands are starting to itch and once little Charlie gets over his cold I’m hoping to get to some sewing. For now I just have some gorgeous pictures of how patchwork can be used beautifully in modern interiors.

It would be quite the commitment but wow!

It would be quite the commitment but wow!


Patchwork isn't limited to fabric.

Patchwork isn’t limited to fabric. Picture via


There’s a variety of gorgeous patchwork pillows for sale on Etsy like this cutie.

This couch has to be my favorite. I bet it costs a pretty penny.

This couch has to be my favorite. I bet it costs a pretty penny.






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Useless Sludge and Golden Dreams

When I am in my first trimester of pregnancy I am essentially reduced to a useless pile of nauseated sludge. My housekeeping falls to ruins, my daughter gets to watch lots of TV, and my stomach yearns for little other than french fries , ego waffles, and roast chicken. Point being, that though I have all the necessary fixings to complete my budget friendly makeover of my master bedroom and bathroom, it’s probably not going to happen in the next six weeks.

Instead, while my body rests (as much as possible with two active children), my brain is in overdrive, contemplating different problem solving schemes to make three kids work in two small bedrooms. In terms of decor, it will certainly be simpler if this baby is a girl and can eventually share Sofia’s already girly room with her. If the baby is a a boy I will have some decorating to do since the smaller room is certainly geared toward a little boy.

Right now I am dreaming of a gold, white, and pink bedroom which Sofia can grow into as she transitions into a school-aged child. When I mentioned the idea of her having pink walls her eyes lit up with eagerness. I think there is a lot of potential to go all wrong with a pink bedroom but the pictures that have been inspiring me are all right.

It started with this lovely bedroom decorated by Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme:


The stunning gold and white floral white paper is uber classy and the mix of soft pink and hot pink is all girl. But I know I won’t be able to afford wallpaper so….stencils of course:

girlbedroompinkThis room exhibits the same glam use of white and gold but keeps it to one stenciled feature wall. The hits of orange and blue add playfulness and keep it from looking too delicate.

girlbedroomtigerstripesNow I’m not sure about those zebra stripes but I love the way teal looks with soft pink. Adding teal to the pink room would allow me to salvage some of the design elements from Sofia’s current room.

pinkgoldblackroomAdding black to the pink, gold and white colour scheme would be a fantastic way to mature the room once Sofia was older.

pinkbedrrom3This room is a bit fancier than I would go for but I love the shade of pink chosen. Like in the previous pictures the furniture has a vintage/antique appeal which I love. One of the things I prefer about some of the other pictures is that they maintain more of a modernity whereas this last bedroom is starting to get quite traditional.

The pink and gold bedrooms I found became increasingly fru fru after this last picture so I’ll stop at that. Time to get back to my sole feat of the day: making dinner.

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