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Summer Ramblings and Computer Glitches

Summer is my favorite season. Sunny days equal lots of good outdoor fun with the kids and my desire to be inside doing things like blogging or cleaning is replaced by the desire to play hard until bedtime then retire to my pretty sundeck (to be shown soon!) with my husband and a glass of wine. I’m going to go with my gut instinct and back off a bit (not totally) from blogging this summer. And cleaning. Who needs a clean house? Ha ha. Just kidding. I’m a cleaning maniac but I’ve decided to hire a cleaner for the summer.

I am also working on the beginnings of starting my interior decorating business, “The Best Nest” and that has some of my normal blogging time booked up. It turns out that setting up a website, designing logos, filling out business forms, meeting with the bank, and getting to know my local resources whilst raising three children is busy making.

My husband recently moved my blog to a new web server (or something like that- obviously I don’t understand the technical aspect of this blog). And it appears that my website doesn’t want to behave enough to let me share pictures with you. Boo hiss. I’m sure it will be figured out soon and I’m looking forward to it because I have recently discovered the Good Weave label and I’m excited to show you some pictures of gorgeous rugs designed by various talented designers. In fact, I’m sure as soon as my husband reads this he will get ants in his pants about sorting out the whole media gallery business. Thank goodness for that man!

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Oh Baby.

I wasn’t completely honest in my post yesterday. I do in fact know one of the reasons I am feeling low right now. My heart is heavy because I am not pregnant with a baby that I was actively trying not to have. Say what? Maybe it is hormones or maybe it is the pure sweetness Anna brings into my life (along with her siblings requests for another, smaller baby), but I am going through a bit of a “I want another baby, what’s a fourth, why not” kind of delirium right now.

I experienced something like this when Sofia was around six months old but held off getting kinda accidentally pregnant with Charlie until she was 13 months. I had no such whimsies after Charlie. He was the worst. Seriously. The. Worst. I love the little man he became but he basically cried for the first year of his life. He had, so I thought, cured me of ever wanting another baby. And, as you have heard, after the initial shock and dismay of finding out I was really, completely, not at all on purpose pregnant with Anna, I fell in love with her. What I may not have told you is that I have basically had baby fever since Anna was born. Ahem, I’m sure it had nothing to do with watching “Call the Midwife” when she was an infant.

How do people make these decisions? I know that many people struggle to get pregnant so this “how many babies should I have” question is replaced with the  heart wrenching question, “why can’t I please just have one?”. But for me, my husband seems to spontaneously impregnate me with a mere look so the questions is, when should we stop?

My husband is very good at dialoging with me about this question. Poor man has had a lot of practice in the past year.

H: Maybe we don’t have enough money to have a fourth?

S: Deciding to have a a baby shouldn’t have to do with finances.

H: Maybe we don’t have enough space in our small three bedroom for a fourth?

S: People have been fitting larger families into smaller spaces for thousands of years.

H: I think that some of our family would disapprove of the decision to have a fourth.

S: It’s not any of their business.

H: Maybe I would go insane?

S: That is a valid point.

H: But maybe we should get pregnant right now okay?

S: Maybe not just yet Heather.

So where are we at? Well, what Steve said, “maybe not just yet”. Or what I seem to be looking for with hopeful eyes on a monthly basis, another wonderful accident.


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Happy Father’s Day!

I’m not much of a card person. Partly because I’m cheap. I can’t tolerate the idea of spending $8 on a card that will be recycled in a month when I could spend it instead on a greater quantity of chocolate. The other part is that words come more easily to me like this, in front of a keyboard. So, my dearest Steve, consider this your very public card, because Father’s Day is the one day it is socially acceptable to brag about you to the world.

Going into marriage I was unsure of how Steve would make out as a dad. He had zip experience with children and had never so much as cared for a pet hamster. However, what I did know from early on in our dating relationship, was that he was a family man. I loved that about him then, before he was my family, and I love that about him ten fold more now as I see how lovingly faithful he is to our little family.

Steve is an extraordinary father. In Sofia’s words:

“Daddy is so good, so great, so strong. He’s the best at drawing pictures for me so I can colour them. He is good at building my loft. He takes care of me and gives me water and the best food. He is great at making food like hot dogs. He turns shows on for me. I love it when he reads to me best. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!”

In Charlie’s words when asked what his favorite thing about daddy is:

“Doggy” (I think he thought I was asking what his favorite thing was…namely, doggy.)

When asked about what activity he likes to do with daddy:

“Eat.” Followed by : “Let’s stop talking mommy. Are you going to put a show on mommy? Happy Father’s Day.”

In Anna’s Words:

“Da da da da da da da da.” (her first and favorite word).

Steve, you are all they said and more (ahem…but not a doggy). I would not be able to survive parenting without the hands on approach you takes to being a father. I am so thankful that you treat parenting as both a partnership and a privilege. There is no one else I could parent three children with or consider having a fourth with. Our life is chaotic and loud but you are constant, loving, and patient. Thank you for the uncomplaining and joyful care you take of our family.

Happy Father’s Day!

PS. Apologies for any punctuation or spelling errors. I couldn’t exactly get you to edit this one 🙂

IMG_3609 IMG_4581





Charlies: Favorite thing to do with daddy is eat. “Let’s stop talking mommy.”

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Meet the Jetsons: The Home in 2016

As a child, one of my favorite shows, next to the Flinstones of course, was The Jetsons. I was fascinated by the instantaneous nature of their futuristic world. With the push of a few buttons you could wash, dry, and clothe your body. With another button your meal is provided. The dog makes a mess? Just call on Robo Nanny and your floor is spotless within seconds.

I appreciated the novelty of these gizmos and gadgets then, how much more so as a home owner, wife, and mother of three do I appreciate them now. I’m slightly disappointed that science has not come further in the last twenty years but I guess we haven’t reached 2062 quite yet. However, I entertained both myself and my children whilst looking into some of the time saving inventions that have been created for our homes. Here are some of my faves:

  1. Neorest 750

Neorest 750 by Toto

Who wouldn’t appreciate a self cleaning toilet? Not only does this toilet apparently stay clean and germ free for a year (!?) but also opens when you approach, washes and drys your bottom for you, deodorizes immediately, and provides a nightlight. That’s pretty “Jetson-y” if you ask me.

2. The Litter Robot


My other favorite, as a owner of two cats, has to be this self cleaning litter box, the “Litter Robot”. My children were greatly entertained by You-Tube videos of it (not because they were entertaining, but because my kids think anything to do with poop is hilarious).

4. The Roomba:


I’m sure most of you have heard of this one. In terms of home cleaning robots the roomba is somewhat more practical price-wise (hundreds rather than thousands). Crumbs and cat hair are a constant battle in my house so having a robot vacuum would be magical. As an added bonus I could tell my children it would suck up their toys if they didn’t put them away after playing (I have found this to be a very effective threat with the regular vacuum cleaner).

6. Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot


This newer model of the Braava both cleans and mops the floor but only small spaces at a time. It is almost half the price of the Roomba, retailing for $299. The advantage of the roomba is that it tackles larger spaces and tackles carpets and rugs as well. Sounds like Braava and Roomba could be good household companions.

5. Vario Mirror TV


TV off

TV on

TV on

A TV that disguises itself as a mirror? Sign me up. I hate seeing a big flatscreen above a beautiful fireplace and though I’ve been taught that  mirrors should only be placed where they reflect light and beauty, I rather see the reflection of a wall than I big black hole.

6. The Better Marriage Blanket


The Jetsons didn’t foresee this one. A blanket that neutralizes the smell of flatulence with its active carbon fabric? According to this article this is the same material used to protect the military from chemical weapons. Everyone could use one of those after taco night. Thank you science.

7. Miele Built in Coffee Machine


This machine does all the work and offers a fresher cup of Jo than those Nespresso cups of chemical coffee. The Miele built in machine grinds your beans right before making the coffee to ensure freshness and you can program the machine with your favorite drinks so that at the touch of button your perfect latte will be delivered (though you do need to click in some fresh milk).  You can have these machines attached to your plumbing so you don’t even have to deal with the inconvenience of refilling a water tank. The only problem with this machine is that I already treat coffee like water and I imagine the convenience could lead to some serious over-caffeinating.

Any cool household items that you want to add to the list? Leave a note in comments, I’d love to hear of more.


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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Summer Floral Fabric

Florals aren’t for everyone but I have always had a love for them, particularly flowing, large scale prints. I have used these types of prints previously as an accent on my couch and currently in my bedroom and children’s bathroom. From subtle and serene to bright and bold these prints all speak to me of summer days.

A style note: floral patterns can fit with modern, country or traditional decor, it all depends on colour and scale. A small to medium scale floral with soft colours is suited to a country setting; a medium to large scale print with a variety of colours (though jewel tones are common) works well in traditional; large to very large scale florals, in either high contrast colours or subtle tones, fits nicely into modern settings. But of course, we don’t always play by the rules and some of these prints can fit into one or two of these categories. Where I was able I showed the fabric in use (as a pillow, curtain, etc.) so that you can get an idea of scale. Enjoy!


1. Tulipani in Linen by Designers Guild


2. Rolling Meadow Chambray by Waverly (This one seems very country to me but is rather large in scale. C’est la vie, rules are meant to be broken).



3. Morisette Amalfi by Kravet


4. Sakura Blossom by Baremore

Roseto Indigo by Designers Guild

5. Roseto Indigo by Designers Guild (A large scale traditional print with saturated blues. With a matching wallpaper too!).


6. Owlish Multi by Kate Spade New York


7. Fleur, Summer by P/Kaufman (Here is an example of that subtle, large scale modern floral.)


8. Katia Fiesta by Waverly



9. Bermuda Bay Palm by Robert Allen (A high contrast, very large modern botanical.)


10. Craft Stitch Summertime by Kravet


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Pearlescent Wallpaper

As a mother of three children five and under, I deal with a lot of body fluids. And you know what? Sometimes I just want to look at pretty things! I was delighted to discover in my latest copy of House Beautiful that there is such a thing as mother of pearl wallpaper. I don’t know that I would necessarily opt for it in my own home but for the right client, in the right home, it would be stunning. It is an unexpected and eye popping option for either a traditional or modern style home.

Ooh la la. Take a look.



For a more traditional look: Marquetry by Maya Romanoff


Maya Romanoff mother of pearl flexi

Aphrodite, by Maya Romanoff


Chevron mother of pearl wall paper by Maya Romanoff





Though there are a few different companies who sell mother of pearl wallpaper, Maya Romanoff is the go to designer for this product. To check out her beautiful wall coverings, mother of pearl and otherwise, click here!


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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Neutral Wall Paint

My normally angelic baby has been a cranky pants this morning so instead of enjoying the sweet early summer sunshine she is asleep and I am trapped inside with my other two kiddos. In their excitement over going to our friends house this afternoon they are uncontrollable. Netflix to the rescue! Ensue quiet blogging time for mommy.

I went over several ideas for potential top tens this week then decided that it might be good to follow up my post on “All White Done Right” by giving out some suggestions for great neutral wall colours (including some whites). I hail from the West Coast and over here where we experience an over abundance of grey days, you have to be careful to not go too cool with your wall colour. These colours, minus chelsea grey and grey owl, err on the side of warmth to counteract this cloudy day effect. If you are decorating a room that gets a lot of southern exposure, grey owl or chelsea grey can work well for you.

All colours are from Benjamin Moore.


1. Navajo White. A very warm creamy white.


2. White Marigold. This colour has creamy yellow undertones.


3. Chelsea Grey. A classic cool grey with no purple undertones.










4. Cloud White

Grant Beige

5. Grant Beige


6. Light Khaki. This colour has green undertones and is so much prettier than it looks here.










7. Moonlight White. This is the colour just below (slightly darker) than the very popular “Simply White”.


8. Grey Owl


9. Revere Pewter. A personal favorite, I have never seen a room that this colour did not look good in.


10. Black Jack. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean light.





Room in Chelsea Grey

Room in Chelsea Grey

Room in Navajo White

Room in Navajo White

Room in Cloud White

Room in Cloud White

Room in Edgecomb Grey

Room in Edgecomb Grey

Room in Grant Beige

Room in Grant Beige

Room in Light Khaki

Room in Light Khaki. Sorry, this picture isn’t really selling it but I couldn’t find one online that I was sure was actually the right colour. This is a picture from my old condo.

Room in Midnight White

Room in Midnight White

Room in Grey Owl

Room in Grey Owl

Room in Revere Pewter

Room in Revere Pewter

Wall in Black Jack

Wall in Black Jack

I love colour but if you live in a new build like I do there is often little separation between rooms. It is nice (though not necessary) to land on one neutral colour for the main, interconnected rooms and save the bolder choices for bedrooms and bathrooms. A neutral envelope leaves you with plenty of options to get creative and bring in colour through furniture and accessories.

Hope these suggestions help you in your quest for the perfect wall colour!

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Crushing on Sherrill

Yesterday I had the delight of attending an event at Norwalk Furniture in Coquitlam where I was introduced for the first time to the Sherrill Furniture Company. I’m in love. With Norwalk in general and Sherrill in particular. I am admittedly, a bit of a sop, but beautiful things make me teary and I was getting a bit emotional about the gorgeous silhouettes of the furniture in combination with the stunning upholstery fabrics.

At Sherrill Furniture Company all the products are totally customizable (and they don’t even up charge you for most changes!): 1700 fabrics to choose from, every wood finish (and acrylic!) that you can imagine, and options galore for your couch and chair arm style, back style, base style, leg style etc. It is essentially a decorators dream store and a one stop shop for furniture ranging from modern, to traditional, to country. Even if you aren’t in the market for new furniture but simply appreciate beautifully sculpted pieces, stop by Norwalk and have a look.

The pictures don’t do the furniture justice but none-the-less, here is some eye candy to give you an idea of the extraordinary beauty and quality of these pieces.

sherril ptesident







Is it terrible that I’m now hoping for my furniture to break so I have legit reason to bring some of these pieces into my home?

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All White Done Right

If you gave me the choice between decorating a room with all white and decorating a room with lots of colour, I would go for colour every time. However, though my decorating instructor would cringe to hear me say it, I can understand that some people just gravitate to the simplicity and cleanliness of an all white interior. Since the interior design world continues to encourage the idea of white, on white, on white, I thought I would give some purely subjective tips on how to do an all room white right. It sounds harsh to say some of these rooms have done it “wrong” but to my eyes the results of their decor is stark, cold, lifeless and un-interesting.  Here are some comparisons by room.

White done right: Bedroom


White done wrong: Bedroom


White done right: Living Room


White done wrong: Living Room


White done right: Kitchen/Dining


White done wrong: Kitchen/Dining


White done right: Bathroom


White done wrong: Bathroom


White done right: Dining Room

whitedininggoodWhite done wrong: Dining Room


Can you see the difference? One thing that you have likely heard is that an all white room needs texture to add interest. So true! Notice how slick and flat looking most of the “wrong” rooms look. Woven fabric, sisal, shag, and embroidered fabrics (even if white embroidered on white) can all add interest. Wood is another element that keeps a white room from looking flat and ties in with the concept of texture. Raw woods add texture and darker woods provide contrast which creates a more lively and inviting room. And speaking of lively, having greenery in a white room is a must in my books.

One last tip to leave you with: choose your white wisely and avoid cool whites. Designer Shawn Henderson, says that the wrong white “can feel more sterile than serene,”. Choose a white with some warmth to it. The old stand by, Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, is a solid choice. And remember, an all white room doesn’t really need to be all white. Sneak in some cream, beige, and grey to give the room dimension. You’ll still get the pristine look of an all white room but also the warmth of these added, dare I say, colours.

Shall we break it down? A white room needs:

  1. Texture
  2. Wood
  3. Greenery
  4. The right white wall paint
  5. Some colour (even if it is a barely there neutral like cream, beige, or grey).

What do you think? Like I said, this is mostly subjective on my part so I’m curious to hear from you. Do you prefer the more pristine white which I have been rejecting?


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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Sparkly Island Lighting

Last week I wrote the first of a regular series of posts called “Monday Must Haves”. I decided I didn’t like the connotations of the title as there is very little in this life that we really “must have” and pretty interior decor items certainly aren’t one of them. However, I do like alliteration so I’m moving on to “Tuesday’s Top Ten”.

Given the weekend I had I was considering calling this “Potty Talk” and listing my top ten toilets. I would defiantly give first prize to any toilet which could follow my vomiting children around and open automatically as soon as it heard gagging (hey, I heard of a singing, glow in the dark toilet so why not?).  However, toilets don’t really get me that revved up so I thought I would go for something far prettier: kitchen island lighting. These lights range from traditional to very modern and each was chosen for its’ unique beauty and ability to bring the bling to your kitchen. Enjoy!

Perfect for a traditional kitchen that needs some jewellery.

1. Perfect for a traditional kitchen that needs some jewellery. From Lee Broom.

Great for a traditional or modern setting.

2. Great for a traditional or modern setting. Kitchens have so many hard angles, something round like this adds some softness. From Horchow.

A more modern option with warm gold tones.

3. A more modern option with warm gold tones. From Archi Products.


4. Massie Pendant from Joss and Main.


5. Made to look like slices of agite from Odd Matters Studio.


6. Crystal pendant with bronze finish from Tiger moth lighting

Mercury glass is such a classy way to add some sparkle to a space.

7. Mercury glass is such a classy way to add some sparkle to a space. From Lamps Plus.


8. This Joss and Main chandelier works just as well over an island to bring in some bling.


9. An affordable option from Lamps Plus.

A very modern chandelier with sparkle from Archi Tonic

10. A very modern chandelier with sparkle from Architonic.















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