Pearlescent Wallpaper

As a mother of three children five and under, I deal with a lot of body fluids. And you know what? Sometimes I just want to look at pretty things! I was delighted to discover in my latest copy of House Beautiful that there is such a thing as mother of pearl wallpaper. I don’t know that I would necessarily opt for it in my own home but for the right client, in the right home, it would be stunning. It is an unexpected and eye popping option for either a traditional or modern style home.

Ooh la la. Take a look.



For a more traditional look: Marquetry by Maya Romanoff


Maya Romanoff mother of pearl flexi

Aphrodite, by Maya Romanoff


Chevron mother of pearl wall paper by Maya Romanoff





Though there are a few different companies who sell mother of pearl wallpaper, Maya Romanoff is the go to designer for this product. To check out her beautiful wall coverings, mother of pearl and otherwise, click here!


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Almost every parent I know has weekly, if not daily, conversations with their children about whether the child is making good choices or bad choices.

Parent: “Is it a good choice or a bad choice to not wear your helmet when riding your bike?”

Child: “A bad choice”

Parent: “Why?”

Child: “I don’t know.”

Parent (if you used to be a nurse on a neurosciences ward): “Could you have gotten hit by a car, smashed your head, and ended up in the hospital with limited brain function and no possibility of ever riding a bike again?”

Child: “Yes mommy.”

All our choices, whether good or bad, have consequences, whether seen or unseen. This is a lesson we strive to teach our children through these conversations and through encouragement for making good choices, and discipline for making bad choices.

What I have been realizing lately is that I need to have more of these conversations with myself because whether I am three or thirty, my choices have consequences and, as with most choices, mine have a ripple effect on those around me.  I have been making some bad choices for myself lately. Simple bad choices like staying up too late to finish a book or veering too frequently from my no refined sugars policy are starting to take their toll. These choices have led to extreme fatigue, irritability, impatience, nausea, headaches and less productivity. But of course I never take this out on my family. Ha! Rather, because of my bad choices I am unable to love my husband as well as he deserves or give my children the patience they require. Bad choices = Bad Consequences

It is time for mama to start leading by example and making good choices for herself. Maybe that will have a ripple effect too.


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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Neutral Wall Paint

My normally angelic baby has been a cranky pants this morning so instead of enjoying the sweet early summer sunshine she is asleep and I am trapped inside with my other two kiddos. In their excitement over going to our friends house this afternoon they are uncontrollable. Netflix to the rescue! Ensue quiet blogging time for mommy.

I went over several ideas for potential top tens this week then decided that it might be good to follow up my post on “All White Done Right” by giving out some suggestions for great neutral wall colours (including some whites). I hail from the West Coast and over here where we experience an over abundance of grey days, you have to be careful to not go too cool with your wall colour. These colours, minus chelsea grey and grey owl, err on the side of warmth to counteract this cloudy day effect. If you are decorating a room that gets a lot of southern exposure, grey owl or chelsea grey can work well for you.

All colours are from Benjamin Moore.


1. Navajo White. A very warm creamy white.


2. White Marigold. This colour has creamy yellow undertones.


3. Chelsea Grey. A classic cool grey with no purple undertones.










4. Cloud White

Grant Beige

5. Grant Beige


6. Light Khaki. This colour has green undertones and is so much prettier than it looks here.










7. Moonlight White. This is the colour just below (slightly darker) than the very popular “Simply White”.


8. Grey Owl


9. Revere Pewter. A personal favorite, I have never seen a room that this colour did not look good in.


10. Black Jack. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean light.





Room in Chelsea Grey

Room in Chelsea Grey

Room in Navajo White

Room in Navajo White

Room in Cloud White

Room in Cloud White

Room in Edgecomb Grey

Room in Edgecomb Grey

Room in Grant Beige

Room in Grant Beige

Room in Light Khaki

Room in Light Khaki. Sorry, this picture isn’t really selling it but I couldn’t find one online that I was sure was actually the right colour. This is a picture from my old condo.

Room in Midnight White

Room in Midnight White

Room in Grey Owl

Room in Grey Owl

Room in Revere Pewter

Room in Revere Pewter

Wall in Black Jack

Wall in Black Jack

I love colour but if you live in a new build like I do there is often little separation between rooms. It is nice (though not necessary) to land on one neutral colour for the main, interconnected rooms and save the bolder choices for bedrooms and bathrooms. A neutral envelope leaves you with plenty of options to get creative and bring in colour through furniture and accessories.

Hope these suggestions help you in your quest for the perfect wall colour!

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Crushing on Sherrill

Yesterday I had the delight of attending an event at Norwalk Furniture in Coquitlam where I was introduced for the first time to the Sherrill Furniture Company. I’m in love. With Norwalk in general and Sherrill in particular. I am admittedly, a bit of a sop, but beautiful things make me teary and I was getting a bit emotional about the gorgeous silhouettes of the furniture in combination with the stunning upholstery fabrics.

At Sherrill Furniture Company all the products are totally customizable (and they don’t even up charge you for most changes!): 1700 fabrics to choose from, every wood finish (and acrylic!) that you can imagine, and options galore for your couch and chair arm style, back style, base style, leg style etc. It is essentially a decorators dream store and a one stop shop for furniture ranging from modern, to traditional, to country. Even if you aren’t in the market for new furniture but simply appreciate beautifully sculpted pieces, stop by Norwalk and have a look.

The pictures don’t do the furniture justice but none-the-less, here is some eye candy to give you an idea of the extraordinary beauty and quality of these pieces.

sherril ptesident







Is it terrible that I’m now hoping for my furniture to break so I have legit reason to bring some of these pieces into my home?

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All White Done Right

If you gave me the choice between decorating a room with all white and decorating a room with lots of colour, I would go for colour every time. However, though my decorating instructor would cringe to hear me say it, I can understand that some people just gravitate to the simplicity and cleanliness of an all white interior. Since the interior design world continues to encourage the idea of white, on white, on white, I thought I would give some purely subjective tips on how to do an all room white right. It sounds harsh to say some of these rooms have done it “wrong” but to my eyes the results of their decor is stark, cold, lifeless and un-interesting.  Here are some comparisons by room.

White done right: Bedroom


White done wrong: Bedroom


White done right: Living Room


White done wrong: Living Room


White done right: Kitchen/Dining


White done wrong: Kitchen/Dining


White done right: Bathroom


White done wrong: Bathroom


White done right: Dining Room

whitedininggoodWhite done wrong: Dining Room


Can you see the difference? One thing that you have likely heard is that an all white room needs texture to add interest. So true! Notice how slick and flat looking most of the “wrong” rooms look. Woven fabric, sisal, shag, and embroidered fabrics (even if white embroidered on white) can all add interest. Wood is another element that keeps a white room from looking flat and ties in with the concept of texture. Raw woods add texture and darker woods provide contrast which creates a more lively and inviting room. And speaking of lively, having greenery in a white room is a must in my books.

One last tip to leave you with: choose your white wisely and avoid cool whites. Designer Shawn Henderson, says that the wrong white “can feel more sterile than serene,”. Choose a white with some warmth to it. The old stand by, Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, is a solid choice. And remember, an all white room doesn’t really need to be all white. Sneak in some cream, beige, and grey to give the room dimension. You’ll still get the pristine look of an all white room but also the warmth of these added, dare I say, colours.

Shall we break it down? A white room needs:

  1. Texture
  2. Wood
  3. Greenery
  4. The right white wall paint
  5. Some colour (even if it is a barely there neutral like cream, beige, or grey).

What do you think? Like I said, this is mostly subjective on my part so I’m curious to hear from you. Do you prefer the more pristine white which I have been rejecting?


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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Sparkly Island Lighting

Last week I wrote the first of a regular series of posts called “Monday Must Haves”. I decided I didn’t like the connotations of the title as there is very little in this life that we really “must have” and pretty interior decor items certainly aren’t one of them. However, I do like alliteration so I’m moving on to “Tuesday’s Top Ten”.

Given the weekend I had I was considering calling this “Potty Talk” and listing my top ten toilets. I would defiantly give first prize to any toilet which could follow my vomiting children around and open automatically as soon as it heard gagging (hey, I heard of a singing, glow in the dark toilet so why not?).  However, toilets don’t really get me that revved up so I thought I would go for something far prettier: kitchen island lighting. These lights range from traditional to very modern and each was chosen for its’ unique beauty and ability to bring the bling to your kitchen. Enjoy!

Perfect for a traditional kitchen that needs some jewellery.

1. Perfect for a traditional kitchen that needs some jewellery. From Lee Broom.

Great for a traditional or modern setting.

2. Great for a traditional or modern setting. Kitchens have so many hard angles, something round like this adds some softness. From Horchow.

A more modern option with warm gold tones.

3. A more modern option with warm gold tones. From Archi Products.


4. Massie Pendant from Joss and Main.


5. Made to look like slices of agite from Odd Matters Studio.


6. Crystal pendant with bronze finish from Tiger moth lighting

Mercury glass is such a classy way to add some sparkle to a space.

7. Mercury glass is such a classy way to add some sparkle to a space. From Lamps Plus.


8. This Joss and Main chandelier works just as well over an island to bring in some bling.


9. An affordable option from Lamps Plus.

A very modern chandelier with sparkle from Archi Tonic

10. A very modern chandelier with sparkle from Architonic.















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Dreams Come True and Dining Room Reveal

I have had little time for blogging this week because my two eldest have been little monsters and I’ve had to take away Netflix privileges (little do they realize this is more a punishment for mommy than them!). I am stealing this bit of time while they are at preschool and Anna is napping to finally sit down at my computer and catch up.

A few exciting things have happened this week among the chaos of parenting, namely Apartment Therapy published an article on the re-decorating I did in Charlie and Sofia’s room. I enjoyed a few hours of fame on their front page before the next “just in” came through and I was shoved into cyber space 🙂 Here is a link if you are interested:

Having Apartment Therapy post my kid’s room was a dream come true. Another dream that is in the process of coming true is having my own decorating business. I have officially been approved for my new name (Fabrictherapy is a bit too narrow a name though I loathe to depart from my roots). Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I will be launching my website for “The Best Nest”. Cute right? Do you get the reference?

And since I’m home alone I finally had a chance to take some pictures of my new dining room. “New” as in I re-decorated it a year ago but had a baby at the same time so I never showed it to you.

A before with our old dining set, paint, mirror and light:


I’m a fan of a neutral envelope with pops of colour but before the dining room was beige on white on beige on falling apart dining furniture. I kept my plate wall which is a favorite element of mine but added pops of colour by having the drum shade re-finished with blue slubbed silk and a banquette custom made with kid friendly navy faux leather (FYI, not so cat claw friendly). I also made funky new covers for my Craigslist find, Chinese Chippendale chairs (do you remember their previous lime green corduroy covers?). The dining table we had custom made by Lalji home. Having the pedestal base rather than legs at four corners makes it way more comfortable for jamming people around the table when we have guests over.




I love, love, love our new dining room and how it now relates to the rest of our house and I’m so happy to (finally) share it with you!

Source List:

Dining table: custom from Lalji home

Dining Chairs: chairs vintage, fabric from Fabricana, foam from the Foam Shop

Light fixture: Home Depot, recovering of drum shade done by The Victoria Lampshade Shop

Banquette: custom design, faux leather from J.Ennis, made by the Quality Sofa Makers,

Paint colour: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Mirror: vintage





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Monday Must Haves: Kettles

I got married five days past my 22nd birthday. The only kitcheny object I had to my name was a wok with which I could cook a barely edible stir fry (just ask my hubby). When we went shopping for our gift registry my mind was mostly fixated on picking items which were not too expensive because I didn’t want to seem “greedy”. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that people are generous and it is okay to pick beautiful, even expensive items for your registry. However, if I had picked a fancy kettle at that point in time I would have regretted my choice since it only took a couple months of marriage for me to melt it on a hot stove.

Eight years later I still have the same melted kettle. Guess what is on my birthday wish list 🙂 A new kettle to go with my new kitchen. Here are ten of my favorite:


Black Morphy Richards kettle. This might be my favorite. I didn’t know a kettle could be sexy.


Krups Stainless Steel Kettle


Bella Kettle from Walmart


Smeg kettle. So Sleek and it comes in a variety of colours! This one is high on my list.


This super classy design looks more like a stove top kettle. Perfect for a more traditional style kitchen. By Dunelm


I’m a sucker for Asian influence in design. By GForce sold on Wayfair.


Russell Hobs kettle and matching toaster.


This Kitchen Aid kettle gives of a sweet retro feel.


Purple Presige kettle.


Another kettle with a vintage vibe by Delonghi.







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Impulse Buys and Kitchen Pizazz

I am somewhat prone to impulse buys, particularly interior decor items like wall art, vases, trays etc. I am drawn to beautiful things and have too often bought objects which, though beautiful, are not necessary, practical, or even in keeping with the style of my home. It doesn’t take me long to realize this after buying the object but by that time I am stuck with the bill and an increasing surplus of stuff. And though I like beautiful objects, I distinctly do not like a build up of “stuff” in my house so off to Value Village it goes.

Why am I mentioning this? Partly because money matters are a bit stressful after a renovation which (like most do) went over budget, and partly because there is still a bit more money I want to spend on accessories for the kitchen. My goal is to thoughtfully consider what would be beautiful, what would be in keeping with the rest of my decor, and what would not completely annoy me to have sitting on my counter at all times.

And so, as I thoughtfully consider whether I want some artwork leaning against, or attached to my back splash, and what artwork that might be, here are some pictures of kitchens that are given an extra dose of pizazz through art displays:


These people speak my language. You can buy prints like this on Etsy or make them yourself.





Such a necessary pop of colour in an all white kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen design with black cabinets.




These pictures aren’t against the back splash like in the other kitchens but what a stunning display. Love!

So what do you think? Would you, could you have art on your counter space?




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Accessorizing Your Kitchen with Etsy

My kitchen reno is now complete (yay!) and it looks phenomenal. However, it needs some accessorizing to bring in the warmth that the other parts of my home exude. I read this fantastic post on Jennifer’s Blog about accessorizing kitchens. Some take away tips from it include:

1.) Don’t over-accessorize, crowded counters are never good design

2.) Lean some artwork against your back splash (don’t forget it needs to be something you can wipe down)

3.) Buy objects that are both beautiful and functional

4.) Use accessories that fit with the style of your kitchen (see below for tips!)

5.) Add pops of colour which coordinate with the colour scheme in the rest of your house

I love shopping on Etsy, partly to support artisans, and partly because it is too crazy going to the store with three children. I went searching for kitchen accessories and was able to find everything from soap pumps to lighting. I have put together three idea boards for kitchen accessories, one country, one modern, and one traditional. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the modern accessories brightening up my kitchen in an upcoming post on my kitchen (okay, might be a few weeks since I have to buy and ship them etc.).


Country Kitchen Accessories

Pendant lights, Hang Out Lighting; Art prints, Benton Park Prints; Cookie Jar, Art Extraction; Cutting board, Something in the Box; Paper towel holder, Locust and Plum; Kettle, Hobbit House; Soap pump, Pretty Simply Studio; Dish towel, Modern Vintage Market.


Modern Kitchen Accessories

Art Prints, Beach House Gallery; Pendant light, SAwanunion; Salt and Pepper Shakers, Club 88 Inc; Kettle,; Cutting board, Dominik Woods; Soap Pump, Rail 19; Dish towel, Hearth and Harrow.


Traditional Country Accessories

Art prints, Beach House Gallery; Pendant lights, Lamp Goods; Emroidered dish towel, Starting Stitches; Cookie jar,; Marble cutting board, Modern Geometry 101; Soap dispenser, Southern Home Supply; Salt and Pepper Shakers, Revive 58.

Bon appetite!

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