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The Bucket List

Have you seen the movie The Bucket List? Hilarious, no? Though I’m neither advanced in years nor dying I’ve started adding things to my own bucket list, though it may more aptly be called the things-to-do-once-the-kids-are-older-and-I’m-less-exhausted list. There is nothing particularly poignant on my list as of yet. So far it looks something like this:

– Spend a week  at the stunningly decorated Gilded Hotel in Newport Beach and enjoy breakfast tapas (Seriously, check out the link. The decor, as well as the food, are worth drooling over)

– Go shopping for vintage and antique decor items in Toronto and meet Sarah Richardson while I’m at it

– Hike the Chilkoot Trail

– Go on a child-free girls trip with my mom and sister

– Get one of my designs published in a magazine (on-line or print, I’m not picky!)

Most recently I have added a more here-and-now attainable goal to my bucket list: take a painting class. Yesterday afternoon I had a rare hour to myself so I brought out my paints and a large canvas and painted an abstract painting to fill the void on the wall above my new dining banquette. Is it amazing? No. But the process was exhilarating. I loved mixing the colours, getting dirty, and experimenting with techniques. When an activity makes you feel that good, regardless of how the end product turns out, it is worth investing some time in. And why not spend some of that time learning how to do it better? I’m out of luck for classes this summer but I’m hoping to take a weekend course on working with acrylic paints in the Fall.

My main goal with the painting was to add some more colour to my dining area and regardless of skill level, this painting certainly does that:




Do you have a bucket list? Why wait, is there anything you can check off this summer?

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Etsy Art for Every Budget

I feel about supporting etsy shop owners the way some feel about supporting local community artists, that it is vital to the integrity of the community. For a short time, whilst selling headboards on etsy, I became a part of this online community and I still like to support it in whatever way I can. At this moment, that means showing you what awesome art you can buy on etsy for under $200!

Art is a very personal thing so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on the merits of the pieces I have chosen. That being said, I chose all these pieces because they struck me in some way and are all on sale for reasonable prices.

I love mixed media art. I could see this print in a powder room, kid’s room, or eat-in kitchen. Art (and wallpaper) with birds on it seems so whimsical to me. It makes me smile.

The print below is meant for a nursery but I think it could look great anywhere. You can get the print in different colours to suit your decor.

This photograph is stunning. I thought it was a painting originally.

This print is by Vancouver’s very own Rosa Pearson. See how she displayed it in her own home at flutterflutter.ca. These prints aren’t just for the nursery.

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

I love the simplicity of these beach prints.

I just think this is plain cute and would be awesome in a nursery.

I don’t have an especially strong affection for horses but this photograph struck a chord with me. The beauty of it actually brought tears to my eyes. Does that mean I should buy it?

$31 by Kellya

$31 by Kellya

I will probably never own a piece of abstract art due to my husband’s dislike of it but I do find it very attractive.

$65 at Duelaberi

$65 at Duealberi

I want this! I love the texture of the weathered wood. You can get these custom made with pieces of wood painted colours which suit your decor.

Another gorgeous abstract piece. I love the way the lines of this painting guide your eyes. I find it very peaceful to look at.

Well there you have it. 10 pieces of art to love and I didn’t even reach $200. I’ve been bemoaning all my empty wall space but after finding all this eye candy on etsy I’m starting to wish I had more!


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