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The Statement Headboard

Every room needs a focal point. Unless you have a fancy pants bedroom with a masterful fireplace and/or stunning view, the default focal point for the bedroom is most often the bed. My favorite way to draw your eye towards the bed is a statement headboard. I used to make custom headboards and I always bemoaned the fact that people seemed to always choose solid, neutral fabrics. Boring! Okay, a neutral headboard has its place, but pattern is so much more fun. Here are some rooms that go bold with gorgeous, patterned headboards:


With this room you keep the neutral feel but add some oomph with this black floral headboard.


Now that’s a statement!


The dark wall behind this bed makes the gorgeous fabric of the headboard stand out even better. So pretty!


Headboards like this are a super simple DIY.








All you need is a staple gun and an inexpensive jig-saw to DIY this style headboard.


Okay, so this one isn’t patterned but it is kelly green which is statement enough!

So pretty! One of the rooms I look forward to decorating most is the bedroom because there are so many places to use fabric. Headboards, throw pillows, blankets, curtains, it’s a fabric extravaganza!

I’m working slowly towards opening my own small interior decorating business (under a different name than Fabrictherapy (!)). It turns out that all the nitty gritty details of starting a business start to add up in terms of cost so I am digging “Shebajoux Custom Headboards” up from the grave for a bit to try to raise some funds for my business license and such. Here is the posting on Craigslist if you are interested: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/fuo/5580461512.html


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You and Me Babe

As a mother it is sometimes easy to forget about taking care of your own needs. It is easy to resort to eating your child’s leftovers instead of making your own meal, to seek recreation for the children and forget rest for yourself, and in the case of this blog post, to decorate the kid’s bedrooms and leave my own untouched.

When we first moved in we whipped together a headboard and had the walls painted but otherwise left the master bedroom undone. No curtains, no art, etc. My thought process was…”well no one ever sees it…”.  Because of this I haven’t wanted to shunt any redecorating budget in its direction. However, with two wild children running about the house, creating a haven of our master bedroom has become a necessity. I still don’t want to spent much money there so to manage the budget I have been sewing, re-purposing, and thrifting.

One of my favourite new additions to the master bedroom is “the wall of us”. I have always been a fan of gallery walls so I decided to make one devoted to Steve and I. Frames can be pricey so I sifted through some local thrift stores looking for ones with interesting detailing. For seven frames I only spent $40! I had some sample pots of paint kicking around which corresponded with the colours in my master bedrooms so I went to work to paint over the gaudy gold frames.

I’m heading in the direction of “romantic vintage modern” (if that is such a thing) in our bedroom. To this purpose, I did a shabby chic finish on the frames. I simply did one thinnish coat of paint on the frames to mostly cover up the gold but leave a bit of glimmer showing. I decided to go with mostly black and white prints to fit in with my vintage vibe.

I'm not ready to show too much of this room. As I said before, it's a bit of a work in process. Like what should I do with the ugly record player which we so enjoy listening to?

I’m not ready to show too much of this room. As I said before, it’s a bit of a work in progress. Like what should I do with the ugly record player which we so enjoy listening to?

In this picture you can get a slightly better look at the "shabby chic" paint finish. Wall colour: cool cucumber by Benjamin Moore.

In this picture you can get a slightly better look at the “shabby chic” paint finish. Wall colour: cool cucumber by Benjamin Moore.

This wall show cases a collection of some of our best memories: our wedding, camping trips to the Yukon, Oregon, California, our trip to Europe, holding our first born. It is a celebration of our friendship, the path we have made in this life together and the blessings we have shared. The kids like looking at it too and Sofia loves to hear about how she was “in mommy’s tummy” in this picture or that.

But know what’s sad? We couldn’t find a single picture of just the two of us since our children were born. For reference, that’s almost three and a half years. Our marriage is all the stronger for having produced these beautiful little human beings but this was a reminder that it is not just the raising of gracious children or the creation of a master retreat that should be a priority. You and me babe. We are important too.

That seems kinda terrible to write down, to voice a recognition of our own importance, but it’s true. It is far too easy to forget that in order to take good care of our little ones we need to take good care of ourselves and our marriages. This gallery wall is a delightful reminder to me of the beauty of us, together, and an inspiration for future togetherness.

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