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Coping with Camping

Every summer we go camping with my in-laws. This summer we are trying out a longer stint. Six nights! (I’m going to try to negotiate it down to five). Camping with children is a mix of chaotic fun, tired shit fits, happy laughter, and anxiety attacks (on my part).

I have a wonderful time during the day splashing around the lake, reading stories at the campsite, and munching on cheesies at the beach. However, at nighttime a veil of anxiety begins to descend on me as it gets closer to bedtime. Firstly, anxiety about getting the kids to go to sleep; secondly, anxiety about waking them up when it is time for me to hit the hay; thirdly, anxiety about waking them up during the night when I have to get out of the tent to use the bathroom (I’ve had three kids, it’s inevitable that I get up many times per night).

This summer I began feeling anxious about our camping trip over a month in advance (it will be Anna’s first time in a tent. We slept in a hotel last summer). Anticipating the panic attacks I asked my doctor to prescribe me meds for acute anxiety because honestly, I’m not very pleasant to be around when I’m experiencing extreme anxiety.

The best, non medicated way, I can think of to cope with camping related anxiety is to glamp. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of glamping (glam + camping), which is not actually camping according to my hubby. However, shock of shockers, I’ve been able to convince my husband that the solution to my annual anxiety fest is to buy a second-hand RV. The only condition is that I pay for it myself. For reference, he’s not being stingy, just practical. We need to start saving up our tax returns and any extras from his income for a van.

Thankfully, I have started making custom headboards again along with beginning my interior decorating business and have actually been making some money to put into our special new “Vacation” savings account. You can get a pretty “rad” 1970’s RV for under $6000 and I’m keen to rehab the interior myself after seeing some awesome RV renos (see below). It won’t be this summer but fingers crossed that next summer while the rest of my fam is roughing it in a tent I’ll be tucked away in an RV with a bathroom at my disposal! I see many happy vacations in our future!






Airstream Before

Airstream Before

Airstream After

Airstream After

Airstream Before


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Camping with Harry Potter

Camping is an essential part of the BC day long weekend for my husband’s family, and hence, for our little family unit. We never fail to have a good time, though camping with children has its many challenges and offers little rest for the weary.

While packing for our weekend away I couldn’t help but thinking of Harry Potter and coveting the tent he stayed in at the Quidditch World Cup. I mean the decor is a bit Bohemian for my taste but it beats a blow up mat on the floor.

Not to shabby for a niche in the woods

Not too shabby for a niche in the woods

Not to mention the other benefits that living in a magical world would offer to the camping experience. Those annoying neighbors with the blasting music: MUFFLIATO! The RVs running their generators: MUFFLIATO! That toddler screaming at the top of her lungs: MUFFLIATO! (oh wait, she’s mine, must attend). Really “muffliato” is the only spell you need…though a good sleeping spell would be useful for the children.

Now I have a confession to make. My camping experience was a bit unique this year. You see, the baby and I spent the nights in the hotel. I wonder if Harry’s tent had a soaker tub?

Happy BC Day!

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