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Adding Pizzazz to a Boring Bathroom for under $200

When I said last week that I re-vamped my kid’s bathroom for under $200, you may have guessed that my “weapon” of choice was paint. Because we had just spent a significant amount of money updating some of the finishes in our master bathroom, this was one of those makeovers where I had to sneak twenty dollars here and twenty dollars there to achieve a new look for a lot less.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with certain blogs I follow because it seems like the bloggers have unlimited resources to tear rooms down to the studs and build them back up to beautiful. This post is for those of us who need to ratify the ugly in our homes (now!) but are unable to afford anything that can’t be done with our own two hands. It may be a bit of a band-aid solution, but hey, they make some really cute band-aids now-a-days.

No true before picture again. This is another bathroom in my complex with the same finishes as mine.

No true before picture again. This is another bathroom in my complex with the same finishes as mine, right down to the drab off-white paint. It is slightly larger than any of our bathrooms.

The key to this budget bathroom makeover can be summed up in three elements: paint, fabric, and accessories. But first the gigantic wall mirror had to go. People think these mirrors make small bathrooms look bigger- wrong! Ask my husband, he’s a skeptic turned convert since we eliminated these mirrors from our home. Removing them does tend to leave a bit of a mess since builders like to gob on way more glue than needed. I found this video on you-tube very helpful in regards to fixing up all the torn dry wall (just using poly-fila or drydex is not enough! I tried).


After: Bold colour reigns.

After: Bold colour reigns.

After: bold colour reigns.

A small, clear container now corrals all the children’s grooming supplies and keeps their gear from being spread all over the counter. The plant picks up on the orange in the shower curtain. It may die from lack of light but I love the look for the present.

A little paint can go a long way to amp up your bathroom decor, and not just for the walls. I found a paint colour to match the teal in my shower curtain and for the whopping additional cost of a $5 sample pot I transformed an ugly $13 mirror from Lowes into a statement piece. I picked up some two dollar frames from Ikea and painted them to match. I currently have $2 Ikea floral prints in the frames that do the job but I have my eyes on some small water colour paintings from an artist I recently discovered on Etsy.

From the Art Corner Shop on Etsy.

From the Art Corner Shop on Etsy. A bit rich for my non-budget but all in good time.

Monogrammed towels were not something I was going to invest in for my children’s bathroom but for a dose of fun, I added a $3 “L” to the rather boring medicine cabinet which I removed from my master bathroom.


The custom shower curtain I made took up the majority of the budget as I needed four yards of fabric and I had my heart set on this gorgeous P Kaufman floral for the top three quarters. You can easily spent much less on a stylish shower curtain at places like Target, West Elm, and Homesense.

All in all the budget breakdown looks like this:

$80 Custom Shower Curtain

$60 Paint from General Paint

$18 Mirror from Lowes (includes cost of sample paint pot)

$10 Plant from Walmart

$10 Storage basket from London Drugs

$4 Artwork and Frames from Ikea

For a grand total of $182. The great thing is that you can easily knock some big money off your budget by buying a store bought shower curtain and cheaper paint (I bought the expensive stuff because my kids splatter excessive amounts of water on the walls).

So, do you have a boring bathroom that needs some budget friendly help? I hope this post inspires you to make the most of what you have. Not confident to decorate yourself? Let me help. You can contact me at [email protected] Whether you are local or far away, I’d love to assist you to achieve your best possible bathroom (or any room for that matter). You see, that was the last room left for me to decorate in my own home. It’s time to step out the door.


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Going Gold with Etsy

If you follow my blog then you know that I love Etsy. Not just the ease of clicking a button and having beautiful purchases delivered to my door, but also the feeling that I am supporting “the little guy”. I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to run an Etsy shop and it has made me realize that it takes a lot of time and effort, not just good product, to succeed in this venue.

In my previous post I was encouraging readers to (carefully) try out one of 2014s big trends, mixing metals.  If you are thinking of mixing up your cool metals with some warm ones, Etsy is a fantastic place to find unique pieces, both vintage and handmade.

Here are some of the golden beauties I discovered.

Textiles: These fabrics would be gorgeous in a white, gold, and silver nursery. All the product shown below can be purchased in silver as well.

I love the idea of using these types of fabrics to design a white, gold, and silver nursery. Very glamorous. These all come in silver and white as well (gold blanket, Modfox; deer pillow, Regan's Brain; White and gold pillows, Sarita Lutrell.

Gold blanket, Modfox; deer pillow, Regan’s Brain; White and gold pillows, Sarita Lutrell.

Vintage: Remember the picture of a mixed metal gallery wall from my last post? Etsy is a fantastic place to buy collections of vintage frames as well as other vintage decor items.

Handmade: The gorgeous stars below are similar to the geometric sculptures I bought for my bathroom wall. I’m considering ordering one of these lovelies to top my Christmas tree this year.

Even if gold decor isn’t your fancy there is plenty to be found on Etsy including jewelery, clothing, and art. Take a gander and keep your wallet close by.

Researching for posts like this is dangerous. I officially want to buy a gold star and a deer head pillow now 🙂


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Budget Style: Stenciling vs. Wallpaper

Not going to lie, I love wall paper and where there is the money I would always choose it over stencils. However, when it came to the wall in my children’s play area I knew that spending $600 + on wallpaper that may possibly get drawn on was out of the question. Instead I paid a visit to one of my favorite Etsy shops, Cutting Edge Stencils, and picked a fabulous tree stencil to go along with my aforementioned “wood land whimsy” theme. Here’s how it turned out:

You can catch a peak of our new flooring and baseboards here too.

You can catch a peak of our new flooring and baseboards here too.


As long as I don’t look too closely for the flaws I love the look. And as Steve encouraged me, “It’s a forest, imperfections are organic”. It was terribly time consuming but considering it was my first venture into the world of stenciling I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Everyone who sees it thinks it is wallpaper so why bother spending that extra $400 if you are willing to put in some grunt work!

This project got me excited about stencils as a decor tool which led to a prolonged internet search on stencils vs. wallpaper. I was amazed by the variety of motifs you can paint using stencils. Here are some great pictures of gorgeous wallpaper and their stencil counterparts.

"Fuji" Wallpaper

“Fuji” Wallpaper


"Fuji" wall stencil. This is the one I want for the wall behind my bed.

“Fuji” wall stencil. This is the one I want for the wall behind my bed.


Faux bois wallpaper

Faux bois wallpaper


Faux Bois Stencil

Faux Bois Stencil


Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper


Floral Stencil

Floral Stencil



Damask wallpaper



Damask Stencil


Cat wallpaper

Cat wallpaper


How cute is his cat stencil. I would love it in a laundry room which housed the cat's litter box.

How cute is this cat stencil. I would love it in a laundry room which housed the cat’s litter box.


Cloud Wallpaper

Cloud Wallpaper


Cloud Stencil. Precious for a nursery.

Cloud Stencil. Precious for a nursery.

If you are willing to put in the grunt work, the possibilities with stencils are limitless. I had to restrain myself from not going on with more pictures, there is such a variety available for any style of decor. As someone who is super picky about colour I also love that I can customize my stencil colours to be exactly what I want instead of searching for a wallpaper that will work.

Cutting Edge Stencils has a great tutorial on ‘you tube’ that I found super helpful. They also recommend with some patterns that you use an adhesive to help stick the stencil to the wall while painting, a technique which I think would have made my own stenciling experience less frustrating. Stencils on their website range from $40- $100.

Are you inspired to foray into the world of stencils? It will be worth the work.







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By Falling Down

Those who know me might be surprised to know that my husband and I practised martial arts for a while. If you lived next door to us during our first year of marriage you may have caught site of us in full combat gear, throwing punches and kicks at one another in the backyard, or walking down the street to the dojang carrying our bags of weaponry.

Why do I bring this up? Because my martial arts teacher had a saying, one which I can never remember correctly, but one which I think back to time and time again. It was something along the lines of “by falling down, we learn to get back up again”. I have thought about this saying during various trials in my life, both great and small. By falling (or failing) I learn to get back up again (rise above challenges) and each time I fall, it gets a bit easier to get up. Rising above does not necessarily mean I eventually succeed, though sometimes a new approach can lead to success. For me, rising above most often means letting go of the negative thoughts which failure so easily leads me to. I struggle with this. When I fail I tend to be a nasty wretch to myself. I say “you suck”, “you can’t do anything right”, “you should just give up” etc.

This is the trap I am in right now. I am writing this post as a tool to help me get back on my feet mentally. I took part in another Artisan Market and the honest truth is that in five hours I did not sell a single pillow. Right away my mind turns ugly on itself. I feel discouraged. I feel like I wasted my time and that I didn’t sell anything because my pillows are terrible. Let me claim some truth now. It was not a waste of time. I bought some gorgeous presents from other vendors. I met some really nice people and had enjoyable conversations. I got to treat myself to delicious meals that I didn’t have to lift a finger to make. I got to show off my beautiful pillows. This is the truth.

See for yourself. Here are some of my favourites that I recently made for the fair. They should be up on my etsy shop by the end of the month.

2013-12-15 16.35.03

The silk floral fabric is Armani

2013-12-15 16.36.13

This pillow is made out of left over fabric from a shower curtain I made.

2013-12-15 16.39.30

This pillow is reversible (see other side below)

2013-12-15 16.39.43

I love how unique and beautiful the “wrong” side of a fabric can be.


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Reinventing Shebajoux

Due to recent business endeavors (if you can call it a business at this early stage), certain aspects of my life have been falling to the wayside, blogging being one of them.

I have a pet project that I have been working on the last couple of weeks. I feel shy to share it with you at this early stage but here I go. I have recently been working to reinvent my Shebajoux shop on Etsy. Formerly, I made custom headboards to indulge my love of fabric.

Okay, it's beautiful fabric, but I like pattern!

Okay, it’s beautiful fabric, but I like pattern!

This turned out to be a stressful and time consuming endeavor, not to mention no one wanted fun fabric (solids, solids, solids), so I wasn’t fulfilling my desire to work with interesting material.

The premise of my blog’s name is that working with fabric is a soothing, therapeutic process for me. And so, rather than working on stressful, time consuming projects like headboards, I have decided to join the hordes of sellers on Etsy who make pillow covers. This is a great fit for me not only because it is quick and easy, but because I have so much extra fabric (not that that has stopped me from picking up more).

Beyond making simple covers I am planning on making full use of every scrap of fabric by mixing, matching, and generally making interesting pillow “art” for your couch. I have only worked on a few of these “art pieces” so far and though they are more work to sew, they are by far my favorites.

Have a gander if you’d like. I haven’t had a chance to “prettify” the look of my shop yet as I have been working hard to sew up an inventory of pillows but there are several to check out (the best are yet to come).

Recognize this fabric? It is left over from my Chairs for Charity chair. This one isn't posted on etsy yet.

Recognize this fabric? It is left over from my Chairs for Charity chair. This one isn’t posted on etsy yet.

Another reason I’ve been sewing up a storm is that I will be taking part in my first artisan market coming up in mid November. More details to come once I’ve confirmed my spot (trying not to chicken out!).

For me this whole process is both exciting and scary. Exciting, because I get to sew, working with whatever fabric I choose, and scary because I’m afraid of being a dismal failure. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not really about how many pillows I sell, or making the big bucks. There will never be “big” money in making pillow covers. Ultimately, it’s about the fabric. The process. If I allow myself to enjoy the process and not get caught up in the idea of a “business”, that’s when it is therapeutic.

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Etsy Art for Every Budget

I feel about supporting etsy shop owners the way some feel about supporting local community artists, that it is vital to the integrity of the community. For a short time, whilst selling headboards on etsy, I became a part of this online community and I still like to support it in whatever way I can. At this moment, that means showing you what awesome art you can buy on etsy for under $200!

Art is a very personal thing so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on the merits of the pieces I have chosen. That being said, I chose all these pieces because they struck me in some way and are all on sale for reasonable prices.

I love mixed media art. I could see this print in a powder room, kid’s room, or eat-in kitchen. Art (and wallpaper) with birds on it seems so whimsical to me. It makes me smile.

The print below is meant for a nursery but I think it could look great anywhere. You can get the print in different colours to suit your decor.

This photograph is stunning. I thought it was a painting originally.

This print is by Vancouver’s very own Rosa Pearson. See how she displayed it in her own home at flutterflutter.ca. These prints aren’t just for the nursery.

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

I love the simplicity of these beach prints.

I just think this is plain cute and would be awesome in a nursery.

I don’t have an especially strong affection for horses but this photograph struck a chord with me. The beauty of it actually brought tears to my eyes. Does that mean I should buy it?

$31 by Kellya

$31 by Kellya

I will probably never own a piece of abstract art due to my husband’s dislike of it but I do find it very attractive.

$65 at Duelaberi

$65 at Duealberi

I want this! I love the texture of the weathered wood. You can get these custom made with pieces of wood painted colours which suit your decor.

Another gorgeous abstract piece. I love the way the lines of this painting guide your eyes. I find it very peaceful to look at.

Well there you have it. 10 pieces of art to love and I didn’t even reach $200. I’ve been bemoaning all my empty wall space but after finding all this eye candy on etsy I’m starting to wish I had more!


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Bamboo blossom wall

I mentioned previously that we have a lot of blank wall space in our home at the moment. One room particularly suffering from this blandness was the play area adjacent to the kitchen. I haven’t done any decorating in this room yet and my big plans will have to wait for the future. However, I wanted to make it a bit more friendly and inviting for the present.

I originally wanted the wall papered but let’s be honest: crafts, crayons, glue…don’t exactly jive with wallpaper. Instead I started looking into wall decals. There are several sites on etsy, like Cuma, that sell gorgeous, elaborate, and very expensive decals which I don’t want to spend money on at the moment. While I was shopping for lights at Lowes, my daughter pulled me over to look at the “big stickers”. While I wasn’t too keen on the large, bright pink hearts she gravitated towards, these neutral grey blossoms caught my eye. This room is in the main part of the house and I didn’t want anything too juvenile on the walls. These blossoms hit the mark.

kids playroom/craft area

kids playroom/craft area

This room still needs a lot of work but this lovely decal fills up some of the blank space and gives the room the inexpensive bit of pretty I was looking for.

Some tips on hanging wall decals:

– Do it when your kids are asleep or they will want to “help”

– Read the directions before starting to stick (it really would have helped with the cat hair situation to clean the wall first)

– Pop out the parts of the decals without taking off the backing and lay them out on the floor to figure out just how you would like the parts placed and then proceed to peel the backing off and stick them on the wall (I did a lot of tedious sticking and unsticking to get it just so)

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