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Accessorizing Your Kitchen with Etsy

My kitchen reno is now complete (yay!) and it looks phenomenal. However, it needs some accessorizing to bring in the warmth that the other parts of my home exude. I read this fantastic post on Jennifer’s Blog about accessorizing kitchens. Some take away tips from it include:

1.) Don’t over-accessorize, crowded counters are never good design

2.) Lean some artwork against your back splash (don’t forget it needs to be something you can wipe down)

3.) Buy objects that are both beautiful and functional

4.) Use accessories that fit with the style of your kitchen (see below for tips!)

5.) Add pops of colour which coordinate with the colour scheme in the rest of your house

I love shopping on Etsy, partly to support artisans, and partly because it is too crazy going to the store with three children. I went searching for kitchen accessories and was able to find everything from soap pumps to lighting. I have put together three idea boards for kitchen accessories, one country, one modern, and one traditional. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the modern accessories brightening up my kitchen in an upcoming post on my kitchen (okay, might be a few weeks since I have to buy and ship them etc.).


Country Kitchen Accessories

Pendant lights, Hang Out Lighting; Art prints, Benton Park Prints; Cookie Jar, Art Extraction; Cutting board, Something in the Box; Paper towel holder, Locust and Plum; Kettle, Hobbit House; Soap pump, Pretty Simply Studio; Dish towel, Modern Vintage Market.


Modern Kitchen Accessories

Art Prints, Beach House Gallery; Pendant light, SAwanunion; Salt and Pepper Shakers, Club 88 Inc; Kettle,; Cutting board, Dominik Woods; Soap Pump, Rail 19; Dish towel, Hearth and Harrow.


Traditional Country Accessories

Art prints, Beach House Gallery; Pendant lights, Lamp Goods; Emroidered dish towel, Starting Stitches; Cookie jar,; Marble cutting board, Modern Geometry 101; Soap dispenser, Southern Home Supply; Salt and Pepper Shakers, Revive 58.

Bon appetite!

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Not Just Another White Kitchen

One of my delights as a blogger and a member of Choices Interior Decorating Program is to share the work of my classmates. I’ve mentioned recently that my kitchen has been under going renovations. My “back splash” is currently torn up dry wall so I’m not exactly ready to show pictures yet but I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a kitchen done by Daniela Hammond of Counters and Decor.

Though I have chosen my own finishes, Daniela has brilliantly sourced materials and coordinated trades for me. I am plenty willing to design a kitchen for a client but Daniela will certainly be someone I will coordinate with again in the future. She is prompt and hard working, and generally a delightful person to work with (not to mention she gets the best deals in town on counter surfaces).

Here is some of her own work. The mix of materials (notice the combo of butcher block and stainless steel on the island), and the pop of blue make this kitchen a winning modern design with a creative twist.







Her out of kitchen decor is fabulous too!


This is the living area beside the kitchen: clean and modern with pops of colour to add interest.

Thanks for letting me share your work Daniela!

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