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Marblicious Mosaics by Ann Sacks



This morning I had the treat of going to the Ann Sacks Vancouver showroom with my hubby (and without my eldest two). Ann Sacks’ mosaic tiles are a step above the rest and her marble mosaics almost had us willing to open our wallets wide. Steve and I especially liked these mosaics as many of the patterns were reminiscent of the tile work we saw at the ruins of Italica in southern Spain during our epic pre-baby European adventure. The intricate detailing along with the beauty of the natural stone (almost) warrant the $50-$250 price tag per square foot.



Eros: a personal favorite


A modern marble: Selvaggio in honey gold.


Piccolino Mosaic


Windsor Mosaic

Are you drooling yet? The sad story is that we are searching for kitchen backsplash tile and given my love of (messy) Indian cooking and the like, marble is a no go. Don’t be fooled by all the magazines with their pristine marble clad kitchens. Marble stains. Bad. Even the sales ladies at the stores didn’t beat around the bush regarding the porous, staining nature of these beautiful tiles. My bank account thanks marble for being so hard to maintain. Call it divine intervention from the maker of this gorgeous material.

Luckily, Ann Sacks does offer some stunning glass mosaic options that are hardier as well as a bit easier on the wallet:

Bea Monde Marilyn

Bea Monde Marilyn


Beau monde glass in blue


Beau Monde Blossom Mosaic

Beau Monde Blossom Mosaic

So much to see! Check out more at www.annsacks.com

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