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A Painted Door For the Strata Bound

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area and have a young family, chances are that you live in a condo or townhouse. It takes some creativity to step outside of the builders box and express one’s unique style and personality despite the identical exterior and floor plan you share with dozens of neighbours.

I have long been a fan of houses with colourful front doors like those pictured below. However, not until visiting my interior decorating instructor’s condo and admiring the bright red interior of her door, did I consider such an option for my own home.


I took the leap and chose to paint mine apple green since this is one of the accent colors I have used throughout my home. Honestly, a bit scary, but I love how it adds personality and color to the space. We also added a Dash and Albert runner to brighten up the dark brown floors. And now, I have one area of my home that is officially, 100% done! Okay, I need to touch up the paint around the stairs still, FYI, don’t paint first if you are planning to rip out carpet and replace it with wood, but otherwise I’m perfectly happy with it.

First a before pic:

I couldn't get a great shot from this angle but wanted to show you are blingy new flush mount lights from Lowes. The umbra coat hooks help to keep everything in place.

I had to strategically take pictures to get some without Charlie and his cars. That kid is all boy.

I had to strategically take pictures to get some without Charlie and his cars. That kid is all boy.

I had a difficult time getting any goodish shots of this area due to the lack of light and tight quarters.

Yes, that is a horse head hanging off the coat hooks...Sofia decided to gallop her way to the park the other day.

Yes, that is a horse head hanging off the coat hooks…Sofia decided to gallop her way to the park the other day.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more gorgeous front doors (in better taken photos!):






The process of painting your door’s interior is quite simple. All you  need is a medium grit sanding pad, multi surface primer, paint (I like monamel, a hard working trim paint found at General Paint), a brush, foam roller, painters tape and a paint tray.

Step 1: Sand your door with medium grit sand paper to roughen it up a bit and given the paint something to stick to.

Step 2: Remove the door handle and lock.

Step 3: Wash door with a wet cloth.

Step 4: Use a tack cloth to remove any excess dust or hairs.

Step 5: Tape off the trim surrounding the door as well as any bits of the door you want to leave unpainted.

Step 6: Prime, Wait, and Prime again. I like to use my paintbrush for any small, hard to reach spaces and my foam roller to get an over all smooth finish on larger surface areas.

Step 7: After primer is dry apply your first coat of monamel.

Step 8: Wait 24 hours before applying second coat. (Monamel is a terrific paint and becomes dry to touch in an hour or so but needs 24 hours to cure properly before a second coat. It’s worth the wait, I tried to cheat on another project and it didn’t go well.)

Step 9: Step back, accept that the finish won’t be as perfect as your original sprayed on white, and smile because it still looks awesome.



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Presents and Projects

As Christmas winds down and our tree heads to the chipper, I feel a need for other, less seasonal greenery, to fill the void our pine-scented friend leaves. The Flower Recipe Book, a present given by my husband, provided great inspiration with it’s pages of splendid floral sculptures. I headed to the florist with my new book in hand, ready to pick up the necessary “ingredients”, only to find out that  none of the flowers are in season. Though I did not get to try out my floral art skills, these lovely lillies fill the void our tree left in this corner of the house.



As for projects, I am proud to point out the wall behind the flowers which is no longer a banged up builder’s beige. Over my husband’s vacation we finally decided to commit some time to painting our living/dining area. Back in the summer when I discovered that I didn’t suck at painting as much as I had previously thought, I made a goal to paint our house, one wall per week. I made it through the three walls of the kitchen then got caught up in other projects until this past week. Over the span of four days (these things take time with two kidlets around) we transformed the look of our space with a couple coats of Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. Grey walls are so trendy but too glum for our Vancouver weather so I chose this warmed up greige (has that word made it to the dictionary yet?). I’m loving it. Next step: new art above the couch. Being shipped as I write!

Thankfully, due to a present my hubby and I bought for one another, a fancy (not-so) little Nikon camera, I’m now able to present you with some half decent pictures. I haven’t gotten beyond zoom in, zoom out, point and click but the improvement upon my last camera is still phenomenal. I can’t wait to get up to some new projects and figure out how to best capture them with my camera!

A beautiful arrangement of paperwhites I picked up from the florist atop my "Flower Recipe Book". Christmas may be over but I can't resist leaving up some white lights.

A beautiful arrangement of paper whites I picked up from the florist atop my “Flower Recipe Book”. Christmas may be over but I can’t resist leaving up some white lights in the kid’s play area.

Because it is impossible not to take pictures of Sofia when the camera is out.

Because it is impossible not to take pictures of Sofia when the camera is out.

PS. Has anyone else become mildly addicted to chocolate over the past couple of weeks?

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Etsy Art for Every Budget

I feel about supporting etsy shop owners the way some feel about supporting local community artists, that it is vital to the integrity of the community. For a short time, whilst selling headboards on etsy, I became a part of this online community and I still like to support it in whatever way I can. At this moment, that means showing you what awesome art you can buy on etsy for under $200!

Art is a very personal thing so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on the merits of the pieces I have chosen. That being said, I chose all these pieces because they struck me in some way and are all on sale for reasonable prices.

I love mixed media art. I could see this print in a powder room, kid’s room, or eat-in kitchen. Art (and wallpaper) with birds on it seems so whimsical to me. It makes me smile.

The print below is meant for a nursery but I think it could look great anywhere. You can get the print in different colours to suit your decor.

This photograph is stunning. I thought it was a painting originally.

This print is by Vancouver’s very own Rosa Pearson. See how she displayed it in her own home at flutterflutter.ca. These prints aren’t just for the nursery.

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

$15.50 at FlutterFlutter

I love the simplicity of these beach prints.

I just think this is plain cute and would be awesome in a nursery.

I don’t have an especially strong affection for horses but this photograph struck a chord with me. The beauty of it actually brought tears to my eyes. Does that mean I should buy it?

$31 by Kellya

$31 by Kellya

I will probably never own a piece of abstract art due to my husband’s dislike of it but I do find it very attractive.

$65 at Duelaberi

$65 at Duealberi

I want this! I love the texture of the weathered wood. You can get these custom made with pieces of wood painted colours which suit your decor.

Another gorgeous abstract piece. I love the way the lines of this painting guide your eyes. I find it very peaceful to look at.

Well there you have it. 10 pieces of art to love and I didn’t even reach $200. I’ve been bemoaning all my empty wall space but after finding all this eye candy on etsy I’m starting to wish I had more!


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