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A little something, something

I’ve been feeling ho-hum about my bedroom since I moved and I know I’m not the only one stuck in a rut when it comes to deciding what to put above the bed. Often when I see bedrooms in design magazines there is nothing on the wall above the headboard. I get that it isn’t necessary but sometimes you need a little something, something.

I’ve gone from a four foot high to a two and a half foot high headboard and the wall above is crying out for some kind of pretty filler. I decided to do some online searching for different ideas and here are some beautiful pictures.

I love a good starburst mirror and think they are gorgeous above the bed. It is one of the ideas I am considering for above my own headboard (my headboard is a similar shape to the one below, no soaring ceilings though).


Or why not a cluster of them!


Nothing wrong with the classics. Pictures above the bed:


Or why not a little extra storage? Most of us need it after all.



A graphic wallpaper is another idea I’m considering for behind my bed.


Why not something a little zany? This is normally seen above a crib but I think it would be whimsical in a master bedroom (Allison, this is the crazy idea for above your bed, your wall colour has such joie de viver I thought, why not?)

headboard 1

I also love the idea of layering a curtain behind a headboard. So romantic.


Or as a replacement for a headboard. High impact, low cost. The one below is actually a shower curtain.


Stenciling can be oh so ugly but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a modern take on wall stenciling above the bed.


Don’t want to pick up a paint brush? There are always stick ons.


Pennant flags don’t have to be babyish (though the colour scheme below doesn’t exactly cry out, “master bedroom!”). I think that it could be pulled off in a more sophisticated manner.


My take away thoughts on the matter? I’m still leaning towards wallpaper. Maybe wallpaper and a starburst mirror? I suppose it depends on how busy a pattern I choose.

Have anything creative above your bed? Feel free to post a picture in the comments section.


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