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An Inspired Craft Room

Every once in a while an online store will ask me to write a blog post highlighting some of their products. I have always said no because I haven’t been interested in their product or simply didn’t have much to say about something like bed linens.  However, after Chairish wrote me I took a look at their website and fell in love. I am hoping to start blogging more, and their selection of vintage furniture captured my attention and got my brain’s blogging wheels moving.

While surfing their selection of vintage armoires I fell flat in love with this one:



It combines two of my favorite things: faux bamboo and Robert Allan fabric. Pieces like this were originally used in more traditional design but faux bamboo has become a staple in many more modern rooms over the last several years. If my husband and I weren’t heading into a kitchen reno and if I hadn’t just, ahem, crumpled the front of our car into the side of our garage…this baby would be on its way to my house.

I’ve dreamed up a craft room/ sewing room based on this bamboo beauty. The small drawers would be perfect for holding sewing notions and paint brushes and there is plenty of space to place baskets holding fabrics and craft supplies. That lower shelf might even fit a sewing machine! Some other key aspects of this room: clothes pegs to display usable scraps of fabric artfully on the wall, a beautifully rusty vintage toolbox to keep scissors and thread spools close at hand, and a red Chinese Chippendale chair (because I can never get enough faux bamboo).

olioboardvintagearmoireArmoire, Chandelier, Tool box, Small glass box, Chairish; Paint, Soft blue by Porter Paint; Red Chair, similar found at Charlotte and Ivy; Desk, Harvest Moon Interiors; Rug, Rugs USA; Storage box, Ikea; World map, similar at Ali Express.

Check out the Chairish website for more inspiring vintage finds.

*no compensation was received for this post

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Getting Lucky on Craigslist

If you have been following my blog for a bit you know that I love Jonathan Adler, a love originating with his Chinese Chippendale chair.

adlerchippendaleI’ve been coveting these chairs for my dining room for at least three years: a bit of a pipe dream at $700 US a pop. We will likely always be small space dwellers and I love the airiness of the open backs and how they help to increase visual space in a dining room. They have traditional lines which looks gorgeous in both formal and informal settings, with modern or traditional decor.

chinesechippdiningroomI gave up on finding a vintage version of these chairs a while back. Those kind of killer finds seem to be more common in cities like Toronto. However, whenever I turn on my computer Craigslist comes up automatically. I normally ignore it but last week my eyes flew to the words “vintage Chippendale chairs”. Cue chorus of angels!


Seriously! Scan back to the Adler picture! The lines are identical, only the cushion is different!

Almost identical to the Adler chairs, I scored these vintage 70’s Chinese Chippendale chairs for $80 a pop. In solid condition, all I need to do is pick some gorgeous fabric and sew up some new (removable and washable) seat cushions. Charlie has already put his blueberry and tomato sauce signature on one of the cushions so I will certainly be going for a darker, more kid friendly fabric. However, I figure if these chairs lasted the last 45 years, they will be able to withstand whatever my kids can meat out. Can’t wait to pick up fabric and show you how they look with some new cushions!

In your face Jonathan Adler! (okay, not really, I still love you, but the savings!!!)

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Brushing Up on FAT Paint

2013-08-17 15.38.25

When driving down Front Street in New Westminster, which I do on a weekly basis, I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. I’m always keen to check out which antique stores are open and what I can see of their merchandise while I drive.  In the last few months a new distraction caught my eye. A stunning storefront with gorgeous vintage lights hanging in front of the windows, and old chairs, painted and re-purposed as plant holders, set outside the door, beckoning walkers (and drivers) to enter.

Last weekend I finally had the pleasure to enter this mystery store and speak with the owner. Contrary to my belief, it was not just a cool store selling re-purposed vintage furniture, but the flagship store for FAT Paint.


FAT Paint opened their location on Front Street in March and their paint is now for sale in 18 stores across North America (lucky for my readers from out of town).

Maybe you are wondering like I was…why “FAT” Paint? There happens to be a whole story behind the name, which Victoria, who co-owns the store with her brother, can relay to you when you visit. The simplest answer she gave me though, was that is refers to the viscosity of the paint.

FAT Paint is a new (might I say improved?) brand of chalk paint, which the owners make themselves. At this time in my DIY life, I know about chalk paint more in theory than in practice. It is used by vintage furniture enthusiasts for painting old furniture and is specially useful when seeking a shabby chic look. However, if your preference is more chic and less shabby, FAT Paint can still meet your needs, it just requires a different method. FAT paint is not for furniture alone, it works great on many different surfaces including wood, iron, glass, metal, etc.

The store has stunning architectural detail. The exposed is throughout the store and is stunning.

The store has stunning architectural detail. The exposed brick throughout the store is stunning.

The store not only sells their paint but has a variety of furniture and accessories for sale that they have re-done with FAT Paint. You can only tell so much from looking at a coin sized sample so it is great to check out their variety of colours on these pieces. If you aren’t into DIY, the furniture and home accessories are all for sale at reasonable prices.

This stool was painted with Fat Paint's "Pumpkin".

This stool was painted with Fat Paint’s “Pumpkin”.

They use the upstairs loft space as a gallery for art (also for sale).

They use the upstairs loft space as a gallery for art (also for sale).

This retro side table had a matching iron head and footboard but my pic didn't turn out.

This retro side table had a matching iron head and footboard but my pic didn’t turn out.

Expect to hear more from me about FAT Paint. I just bought two vintage frames and I’m eagerly waiting for the store to re-open on Thursday so I can get to some DIY. I have two chairs I plan on doing as well but I’m going to wait for one the workshops that FAT Paint offers before I attempt that.

For more information on FAT Paint or their workshops visit their facebook page or stop by, 623 Front Street, New Westminster, BC.


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