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Smart Phone, Meet Smart Counters


One of the great things about working with other decorators or people who are otherwise involved in the design industry is that I pick up all sorts of information during our conversations. Recently, when discussing a kitchen renovation with Daniela Hammond of Counters and Decor, I learned about DuPont’s Corian charging surfaces. Corian is a hard wearing, stain resistant, and easy to clean surface material and now you can have a charge spot installed under these counters which transfers power to your smart device through magnetic induction. No wires necessary.

Any product that minimizes unsightly chords is on my A-list. There are all sorts of stylish charging stations out there but who wouldn’t rather place their phone on an unblemished counter top and let a hidden charging station do its job, site unseen.  If I had known about this device when I wrote my post on Meet the Jetsons: The Home in 2016 this product certainly would have been included.


The down side is that I’m not really a fan of the appearance of Corian.  Admittedly, I have not spent any time looking at a large variety of Corian so I’m sure there is better looking options out there but the ones I have seen do not hold a candle to natural stone. They also don’t have the benefit of being less expensive than many natural stone options.  They are however, very durable, and if I ever have a super techi client, I will definitely be doing some shopping around to see if I can find any Corian as nice looking as that in these pictures.


corian-countertops-color-sorrel-kitchen-island-glass-tile-backsplash-660-cmprs corianformica


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Good Weave

I love area rugs. I love them almost as much as I love fabric. The right rug can make all the statement a room needs. And an area rug with the Good Weave label. All the better.

Child labor is a concern with many, if not most imported products so it’s a relief to know that several talented rug designers have obtained the Good Weave label (see pictures below).

The Good Weave website states that “the GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labor was used in the making of your rug. In order to earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters and importers must be licensed under the GoodWeave certification program and sign a legally binding contract to adhere to GoodWeave’s no-child-labor standard; allow unannounced random inspections by local inspectors; and pay a licensing fee that helps support GoodWeave’s monitoring, inspections and education programs.”

Not only do inspectors check for child workers, but if they find children working in these factories, they remove them from the situation and give them the opportunity to receive an education.

Are you thinking it? These must be some really expensive rugs right? Well, they aren’t inexpensive, I saw many starting at $1000 for a 4′ by 6′ rug, but you can end up paying that much at Ikea without the assurance that no child labor was involved. And the rugs of the designers featured below are gorgeous. Like artwork. Worth every penny with the bonus of peace of mind.

By Bev Hisey





By Eeuwes



By Soma Studio:












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Brewster’s at Inside Wallpaper

I have been feeling a bit low lately for no particular reason and have been having difficulty finding motivation to get life done. It’s possible that I just need a change of scenery (woot woot Price family vacation soon!). Currently I am having a really hard time restraining myself from opening up my hubby’s Father’s Day chocolate and demolishing it so I’ll blog instead to keep my hands busy.

Sometimes looking at beautiful pictures is a bit of a pick me up so it was timely that Inside Wallpaper snapped up my email address and sent me some propaganda (BTW, didn’t they change the laws that govern the internet so that companies “can’t” send you their news letters unless you sign up for it? Maybe that doesn’t count if you have a blog. No harm done anyhow). They must have known I have a weak spot for wallpaper. I would put wallpaper in every room in my house if I had the money.

I spent some time perusing their website and fell in love with a wallpaper company by the name of Brewster. Here are some of my favorites, which handily enough can all be found on Inside Wallpaper at very reasonable prices. If only labour wasn’t so expensive!

iwallpAurora Pink Geometric Wave by Brewster

Aurora Pink Geometric Wave


Banyan Navy Tree


Cadenza Grey Geometric


Ebele white herbs


Lissabon Grey Village Motif


Sabella Grey Magnolia


Sanctuary Aqua Marine Ombre Stripe


Taupe Distressed Wood

I have to stop somewhere but those pictures at least give you an idea of Brewster’s stunning variety of wallpapers. Please do note that if you ever hire me as a decorator, I will try to convince you to incorporate wallpaper into your decor, if only for an accent wall. (Bruce, consider yourself warned).

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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Summer Floral Fabric

Florals aren’t for everyone but I have always had a love for them, particularly flowing, large scale prints. I have used these types of prints previously as an accent on my couch and currently in my bedroom and children’s bathroom. From subtle and serene to bright and bold these prints all speak to me of summer days.

A style note: floral patterns can fit with modern, country or traditional decor, it all depends on colour and scale. A small to medium scale floral with soft colours is suited to a country setting; a medium to large scale print with a variety of colours (though jewel tones are common) works well in traditional; large to very large scale florals, in either high contrast colours or subtle tones, fits nicely into modern settings. But of course, we don’t always play by the rules and some of these prints can fit into one or two of these categories. Where I was able I showed the fabric in use (as a pillow, curtain, etc.) so that you can get an idea of scale. Enjoy!


1. Tulipani in Linen by Designers Guild


2. Rolling Meadow Chambray by Waverly (This one seems very country to me but is rather large in scale. C’est la vie, rules are meant to be broken).



3. Morisette Amalfi by Kravet


4. Sakura Blossom by Baremore

Roseto Indigo by Designers Guild

5. Roseto Indigo by Designers Guild (A large scale traditional print with saturated blues. With a matching wallpaper too!).


6. Owlish Multi by Kate Spade New York


7. Fleur, Summer by P/Kaufman (Here is an example of that subtle, large scale modern floral.)


8. Katia Fiesta by Waverly



9. Bermuda Bay Palm by Robert Allen (A high contrast, very large modern botanical.)


10. Craft Stitch Summertime by Kravet


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Monday Must Haves: Kettles

I got married five days past my 22nd birthday. The only kitcheny object I had to my name was a wok with which I could cook a barely edible stir fry (just ask my hubby). When we went shopping for our gift registry my mind was mostly fixated on picking items which were not too expensive because I didn’t want to seem “greedy”. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that people are generous and it is okay to pick beautiful, even expensive items for your registry. However, if I had picked a fancy kettle at that point in time I would have regretted my choice since it only took a couple months of marriage for me to melt it on a hot stove.

Eight years later I still have the same melted kettle. Guess what is on my birthday wish list 🙂 A new kettle to go with my new kitchen. Here are ten of my favorite:


Black Morphy Richards kettle. This might be my favorite. I didn’t know a kettle could be sexy.


Krups Stainless Steel Kettle


Bella Kettle from Walmart


Smeg kettle. So Sleek and it comes in a variety of colours! This one is high on my list.


This super classy design looks more like a stove top kettle. Perfect for a more traditional style kitchen. By Dunelm


I’m a sucker for Asian influence in design. By GForce sold on Wayfair.


Russell Hobs kettle and matching toaster.


This Kitchen Aid kettle gives of a sweet retro feel.


Purple Presige kettle.


Another kettle with a vintage vibe by Delonghi.







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Impulse Buys and Kitchen Pizazz

I am somewhat prone to impulse buys, particularly interior decor items like wall art, vases, trays etc. I am drawn to beautiful things and have too often bought objects which, though beautiful, are not necessary, practical, or even in keeping with the style of my home. It doesn’t take me long to realize this after buying the object but by that time I am stuck with the bill and an increasing surplus of stuff. And though I like beautiful objects, I distinctly do not like a build up of “stuff” in my house so off to Value Village it goes.

Why am I mentioning this? Partly because money matters are a bit stressful after a renovation which (like most do) went over budget, and partly because there is still a bit more money I want to spend on accessories for the kitchen. My goal is to thoughtfully consider what would be beautiful, what would be in keeping with the rest of my decor, and what would not completely annoy me to have sitting on my counter at all times.

And so, as I thoughtfully consider whether I want some artwork leaning against, or attached to my back splash, and what artwork that might be, here are some pictures of kitchens that are given an extra dose of pizazz through art displays:


These people speak my language. You can buy prints like this on Etsy or make them yourself.





Such a necessary pop of colour in an all white kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen design with black cabinets.




These pictures aren’t against the back splash like in the other kitchens but what a stunning display. Love!

So what do you think? Would you, could you have art on your counter space?




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10 Space Saving Indoor Herb Gardens.

For mother’s day, one of the things my hubby did was order supplies to build me a special herb garden in the kitchen. The plan I have is a somewhat innovative (?) use of space and I’m looking forward to chronicling the process of getting it set up. I don’t actually use a lot of fresh herbs and my desire for this garden is mostly aesthetic but hopefully having them handy will encourage me to liven up my dishes!

In the mean time while we await our order, I have been enjoying these other ideas for indoor herb gardens that take up no space at all.


Sold on Etsy.


As easy as attaching a planter box to the wall.


A DIY anyone can do


Ikea hanging herb garden


Bringing back macrame


A gorgeous custom design by Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.


Super cute use of a peg board


Even with the tiniest amount of space you can make room for some fresh herbs.


I LOVE this. I could just see my cats on our counters, on their hind legs batting at these. By designer Patrick Morris.


Ikea’s fintorp system

The problem with most of these is that they require attention. As in, you actually have to remember to give them water frequently. Not killing plants is not my forte so Steve is setting me up with a garden that has a reservoir of water that I only have to fill occasionally. Phew! I’m looking forward to mojitos, tomato basil salad,  and other herby fresh treats this summer!

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Gift Guide for the Decorista in your Life

I had to laugh at myself a little when I started putting together this post because what are any gift guides but a collection of beautiful stuff that the author of the article happens to like? Whether it works for your recipient really depends on him or her, but as someone who thoroughly enjoys interior decor and all items associated with it, here are some ideas for what a decor-savvy lady in your life might enjoy (whether, she be your mother or not).

FYI, most of the linked stores have similar product in different colours, scents, sizes etc. Enjoy!


Jewellery Box from Indigo


Decorative bowl by Jonathan Adler


West Elm textured throw pillow


Crate and Barrel embroidered table runner


Joss and Main candle holders with tray


World market chevron cutting board


Gold tape measure from Target


Lemon Mint Leaf Room Spray from Body Works


Pier 1 Imports napkin ring


Urban Outfitters wall hung planter

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A Curated Home, Art Deco Style

Since my first glimpse at my interior decorating instructor’s abode I have wanted to share pictures on my blog. Now that I have stopped having babies for a while and my youngest has turned one (today!), I have had the time and energy to ask her permission to take you for a trip into her modern, Art Deco styled home.

Looking at her home makes me proud to be one of her students. Her attention to detail, love of all that is beautiful, and ability to pull off bold choices make it a stand-out space that speaks to her talent, as well as to the kind of high-caliber instruction she has passed on to me and her many other students through Choices Decorating Program.

My photographer skills are sub par, so though I included some of my own shots, many of these were taken by a photographer in preparation to sell her condo.

Bea chose an overall neutral scheme with lots of grey, black, and beige which she accents with bold red. She has been living in this condo for ten years and has completely renovated the bathrooms and kitchen. No surface has been left untouched and several walls were moved and opened to allow for better flow. The next owner is one lucky duck!


Bea’s home is proof that art doesn’t need a white wall to be properly displayed. Every time I am at her home my eyes are drawn to the large amounts of unique artwork she has collected over the years. From the Asian accent pieces to her stunning selection of furniture, like the console pictured below, she sticks to her art deco theme beautifully.




All the furniture, minus the side tables, as well as the rug, were custom designed by Bea. The curve of the furniture and the pattern in the rug scream art deco . Though she is willing to fork out the money for high quality, custom pieces of furniture, she is also thrifty and uses paint to tie in old accessories with new decor ideas. The large painting was once different colours but in order to make the old artwork fit her new scheme, Bea carefully painted over the abstract. Other accessories, from the candles above her buffet to the garbage can in her bathroom have been painted red to carry the colour scheme seamlessly throughout her home.




It’s all in the details. Little accents like the red bowls behind the glass door, the slice of red wall, and the art deco collectors box by the stove, nod to the bold red accents in other parts of the home whilst keeping the main elements of the kitchen neutral, allowing the next lucky owner of this home to go their own way in terms of colour.



More artwork is displayed in the main bathroom, bringing in the punches of red once again. I wish I had pictures of the original tile work Bea had done on the floor and in the shower of this bathroom but alas…I do not. I also failed to get pictures of her super sexy, master bedroom with its custom designed headboard, five foot high tree of sparkling jewels, and silver walls. C’est la vie. Hope you enjoyed what I was able to share!

Thanks for letting me share your beautiful home Bea! I can only hope to have a chance to take some pictures of your new home as well!

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Sweet Country Sundeck Design


As promised, here is a “get the look” formula for one of the small deck designs I featured in my last blog post. A few people warmed up to the look of this cute little country design so I chose it for this post. Country style is not my style of choice which makes it extra interesting for me to put together! And please do forgive me for adding a modern rug, I couldn’t find one similar to the one in the original picture…or maybe I just couldn’t help adding a bit of modern flair.

OB-Country sundeck(Rug, Garden Stool, Planter, Joss and Main; Chair, Side table, Pottery Barn; Yellow pillow, Pillow Decor; Blue and Yellow Metal flower art, Wanelo

If you like how I’ve brought this look together and would like to see more of these “get the look” posts, feel free to send me a picture of a room you would like to emulate (outdoors or in!) and I’ll feature it in an upcoming post. E-mail me at [email protected] or just comment on this post!



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