My house keeping has deteriorated significantly since I had my second child and moved into a home twice the size as my condo. Not fun to admit, but all too true. However, I was starting to feel really worried when I noticed I was living in a swarm of fruit flies. I mean, the kitchen is the one place I most often keep clean, come on!
My feeling of complete failure as a cleaner was diminished by talking with others who seem to be having some serious fruit fly issues. I mean, if even my mom has them in her impeccable kitchen, then it must be a real problem.


Mmmm…take a look at that. Who can’t appreciate a good pale ale?
Oh wait, take a closer look…


Look around the corners of the foam, those little black specks. Fruit flies. Maybe not so appetizing after all.
My decorating instructor gave me some simple instructions for concocting what I’m calling “bug beer”. Fill up a glass jar or cup two thirds full with apple cider vinegar (only this specific type of vinegar will work), add a couple drops of dish detergent, then fill the cup the rest of the way full with water being sure to create some bubbles.
I don’t know where she found the recipe but it works like a charm. They aren’t all gone, them some frisky fruit flies, but it did help! I drowned a good twenty or so in the last day, and there aren’t too many left. The cold weather will get the rest soon enough, but for now I’m thankful for my bug beer.

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  1. Red wine vinegar works too – my current concoction includes red wine vinegar, dish soap (whipped up) and placed on the stove under the stove light at night (light attracts them). By morning I have a nice wet fruit fly grave.

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