When I am in my first trimester of pregnancy I am essentially reduced to a useless pile of nauseated sludge. My housekeeping falls to ruins, my daughter gets to watch lots of TV, and my stomach yearns for little other than french fries , ego waffles, and roast chicken. Point being, that though I have all the necessary fixings to complete my budget friendly makeover of my master bedroom and bathroom, it’s probably not going to happen in the next six weeks.

Instead, while my body rests (as much as possible with two active children), my brain is in overdrive, contemplating different problem solving schemes to make three kids work in two small bedrooms. In terms of decor, it will certainly be simpler if this baby is a girl and can eventually share Sofia’s already girly room with her. If the baby is a a boy I will have some decorating to do since the smaller room is certainly geared toward a little boy.

Right now I am dreaming of a gold, white, and pink bedroom which Sofia can grow into as she transitions into a school-aged child. When I mentioned the idea of her having pink walls her eyes lit up with eagerness. I think there is a lot of potential to go all wrong with a pink bedroom but the pictures that have been inspiring me are all right.

It started with this lovely bedroom decorated by Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme:


The stunning gold and white floral white paper is uber classy and the mix of soft pink and hot pink is all girl. But I know I won’t be able to afford wallpaper so….stencils of course:

girlbedroompinkThis room exhibits the same glam use of white and gold but keeps it to one stenciled feature wall. The hits of orange and blue add playfulness and keep it from looking too delicate.

girlbedroomtigerstripesNow I’m not sure about those zebra stripes but I love the way teal looks with soft pink. Adding teal to the pink room would allow me to salvage some of the design elements from Sofia’s current room.

pinkgoldblackroomAdding black to the pink, gold and white colour scheme would be a fantastic way to mature the room once Sofia was older.

pinkbedrrom3This room is a bit fancier than I would go for but I love the shade of pink chosen. Like in the previous pictures the furniture has a vintage/antique appeal which I love. One of the things I prefer about some of the other pictures is that they maintain more of a modernity whereas this last bedroom is starting to get quite traditional.

The pink and gold bedrooms I found became increasingly fru fru after this last picture so I’ll stop at that. Time to get back to my sole feat of the day: making dinner.

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