You’ve heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is no different at the safe house. The playroom that I have been working on is connected to the kitchen and I’ve observed how it is rarely empty. It is full of tasty smells, playful children, and social women. It is the hub of this busy home and therefore, in my view, in serious need of a makeover. Think poop brown laminate counters, worse for wear cabinets and dirty white walls. You can clearly see our fresh new playroom from the kitchen and it only amplifies the extreme ugliness of the kitchen.

I’ve noted my love for country music before and while listening to my favorite radio station recently I heard about a contest: JRFMs “You Say It, We Pay It”. Basically you tell them why you need the money and they will pay out up to $10,000. Of course it isn’t quite as easy as that. You need to hear your entry read, phone within 9 minutes and 37 seconds, then gain the most votes.

Can you guess what I want the money for? That’s right, a beautiful new kitchen for the house. We have been doing fundraising for our projects at the house but what we raise just barely pays for the materials. A full kitchen reno is way out of our financial scope. However, this contest has me dreaming of a happy, colourful kitchen for these ladies. We have chosen to decorate the other rooms in the house in blues, greens, and violets because in terms of colour psychology, those are the most soothing colours. My interior decorating teacher abhors white so I have been dreaming of kitchens in these cool colours. Here are some of the pics that have me inspired:

turquoise kitchen





As my teacher would say, colour me happy…and if you listen to JRFM, please vote for the new kitchen!





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