Perhaps you have heard the saying that men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti. This illustration alludes to the fact that men are better able to compartmentalize their thoughts whereas a women’s thoughts are often quite inter-tangled.

Well if that is true, then I would say that pregnant women are like congealed left over spaghetti that has been left in the fridge a couple days too long and can no longer be separated.

Because if my husband wants to spend money on a back-up drive then we will never be able to afford our dream home. And if we can’t move into our dream home our children won’t have enough room to run around and diffuse their eneryg and then my daughter will keep doing things like spitting in my face and my son will keep imitating her. And if they are the kind of children that spit in my face than what kind of parent am I? And If I’m a bad parent how can I prevent them from turning into delinquents. And if the older two are delinquents than surely the third will be as well. And if we are ever able to afford a dream house then we will have to sell it in order to pay for lawyer’s fees when they get sent to jail. And why do we even need a new back-up drive?

I exaggerate, but really, those poor, dear husbands who have to distinguish between the noodles. And I’ve been pregnant or breast feeding for almost five years, God bless the man he stuck with me for this marathon of hormones.




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