I’m not much of a card person. Partly because I’m cheap. I can’t tolerate the idea of spending $8 on a card that will be recycled in a month when I could spend it instead on a greater quantity of chocolate. The other part is that words come more easily to me like this, in front of a keyboard. So, my dearest Steve, consider this your very public card, because Father’s Day is the one day it is socially acceptable to brag about you to the world.

Going into marriage I was unsure of how Steve would make out as a dad. He had zip experience with children and had never so much as cared for a pet hamster. However, what I did know from early on in our dating relationship, was that he was a family man. I loved that about him then, before he was my family, and I love that about him ten fold more now as I see how lovingly faithful he is to our little family.

Steve is an extraordinary father. In Sofia’s words:

“Daddy is so good, so great, so strong. He’s the best at drawing pictures for me so I can colour them. He is good at building my loft. He takes care of me and gives me water and the best food. He is great at making food like hot dogs. He turns shows on for me. I love it when he reads to me best. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!”

In Charlie’s words when asked what his favorite thing about daddy is:

“Doggy” (I think he thought I was asking what his favorite thing was…namely, doggy.)

When asked about what activity he likes to do with daddy:

“Eat.” Followed by : “Let’s stop talking mommy. Are you going to put a show on mommy? Happy Father’s Day.”

In Anna’s Words:

“Da da da da da da da da.” (her first and favorite word).

Steve, you are all they said and more (ahem…but not a doggy). I would not be able to survive parenting without the hands on approach you takes to being a father. I am so thankful that you treat parenting as both a partnership and a privilege. There is no one else I could parent three children with or consider having a fourth with. Our life is chaotic and loud but you are constant, loving, and patient. Thank you for the uncomplaining and joyful care you take of our family.

Happy Father’s Day!

PS. Apologies for any punctuation or spelling errors. I couldn’t exactly get you to edit this one 🙂

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Charlies: Favorite thing to do with daddy is eat. “Let’s stop talking mommy.”

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